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Yankees Bleachers Still Filled With ‘YMCA/Why Are You Gay’ A Capella Singers

Know what makes a fun activity at a Yankees game? Turning the Village People’s “YMCA” into “Gay Man/Why Are You Gay,” which includes fun lyrics like, “Why are you gay, I saw you sucking some d-i-c-k.”

While gay kids are killing themselves and professional sports teams are kicking out gay fans, here we have a group of Yankees fans screaming from the bleachers, “Gay man, you will catch a disease / Gay man, don’t touch me please / Because gay man, you’ve got a disease.” And: “Gay man, what you do is a sin / Gay man, I don’t let you in / Because you have got a disease.”

The sing-a-long took place at Saturday’s playoff game against the Minnesota Twins. Not that it’s a new phenomenon. Gothamist points us to this rendition from 2007:

A Twins fan wrote the site:

As a Midwest native showing up to the game in my Twins regalia, I expected to be picked on. I expected to be heckled. What I did not expect was to hear homophobic and anti-gay cheers sung by the crowd. During the traditional singing of YMCA, when the grounds crew takes to the field, suddenly the crowd erupted into lyrics singing, “Why are you gay, I saw you sucking some d-i-c-k.” Other lyrics called people who are gay sinners and disease-ridden. I couldn’t believe my ears. Whatever people may say about Minnesota or the Midwest, such hurtful and disgusting things would never be shouted at a Twins game. What an embarrassment for Yankees fans and New York City.

This is why God invented cell phone cameras, people. Get ’em on tape. And we’ll make them really proud.