Raising My Rainbow

You Can Hear How Proud C.J.’s Mom Is Of Her Possibly Gay, Totally Fabulous Son

If you’ve been enjoying reading Raising My Rainbow — the web serial written by the mother of a slightly effeminate, possibly gay, totally fabulous son — then you’ll enjoy this episode of Feast Of Fun, where “Alice” basically runs down through every type of toys four-year-old C.J. plays with, including the pink Lego set. “He identifies as a boy. He’s fine with wearing boy clothes. … The only time he says he is a girl is when he’s pretending, like this weekend he was Alice, and he was a girl, and he would only refer to me as Mr. Rabbit.”

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  • Kieran

    I wonder if this 4 year old is enjoying all the extra attention he gets from a Mom who seems unduly fixated on whether she has a gay son or not? Does it really matter? He’s only four years old. He’s got a long way to go before he even hits puberty. Let him enjoy the innocence of childhood with a minimum of societal speculation over whether he’s demonstrating signs of being gay.

  • Guy

    @Kieran: I don’t think he gets any extra attention beyond a blog he’s most likely not even aware of. Rainbow Mom has shared experiences of her older son too, though he doesn’t display the same traits as CJ that would be as compelling for a gay audience on this site.

  • zaniell

    sounds like transsexual in the making, not really “gay”

  • rick

    Where is this child’s father?

    If nothing else, this crazy woman is voluntarily warping this poor child’s gender identity for the sake of being “interesting’.

    This is child abuse

  • hephaestion

    That is such an adorable photo. Even though we don’t see his whole face, that smile reminds me so much of myself when I was truly happy as a child. It is clear he is a very happy child, and lucky to have such a loving mother.

  • Oli

    @zaniell: @rick: She isn’t “warping his gender identity”. Read the blog. She’s letting him play with the toys he wants to play with. Gender non-conformity as a child is THE most recognized early identifier that the child is going to be gay. However, the child may well be trans, may well be gay, may well be straight. The whole damn point of the blog is that the mother is showing her child love and acceptance of whatever he chooses to do, rather than forcing stupid gender stereotypes on him. What on earth is wrong with that? “Warping” would be forcing him to behave differently to how he wants to.

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