2 Brazilian Teens Arrested In Gay Murder: “He Wanted To Kiss Me, I Wanted To Kill Him”

In Brazil, two teenagers have been arrested for the murder of 20-year-old student Lawrence Corrêa Biancão. The two boys, both 15, were arrested Tuesday and confessed to the crime, citing homophobia and robbery as their motivation.

“He wanted to kiss me and I wanted to kill him,” one of the teens told Campo Grande News.

One of the boys met the victim two weeks prior to the murder when Biancão allegedly made a pass at him. They talked and exchanged numbers, then, police report, the teen spoke with a friend with whom he agreed to meet and kill Biancão, steal his car and escape to another state.

The two teens went for a drive with Biancão on the morning of Sunday, December 9, during which they reportedly masturbated. Before saying their goodbyes, the boy sitting behind Biancão strangled him with his seat belt.

Detective Wellington Oliveira said the boys admitted to trying to throw the victim’s body out of the car, but finding the corpse too heavy and lacking an ideal location, they left the crime scene with the victim’s cell phone, documents, car keys and car stereo.

Police found the stolen items at the home of one of the assailants, while Biancão’s body was discovered early Sunday afternoon. He had been out with friends on Saturday night, who identified the teen Biancão arranged to meet.

After being arrested, one of the teens told Oliveira, “For me, gays are vermin.”

Violence against LGBT people in Brazil has been steadily increasing with advocacy group Grupo Gay da Bahía reporting 272 murders in 2011, six times more than in 2010. According to Professor Luiz Mott, an anthropologist at the Federal University of Bahia and founder of the GGB, Brazil has the largest number of anti-gay murders in the world.

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  • DarkZephyr

    They MASTURBATED first and THEN killed him? They call gays “vermin” but jerk off just before committing murder? Sick little bastards. Ugh.

  • Captain proton

    I was going to say something about sex with minors but apparently in Brazil the age of consent regardless of gender and orientation is 14

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    the boy sitting behind Biancão strangled him with his seat belt

    That takes practice. I think the cops better look into similar unsolved murders of gay men.

  • balehead

    It’s okay for men to hug each other and kiss…lots of athletes do this!

  • Raquel Santiago

    There are so many holes in this story. Murder is murder, and we keep killing each other. WAt this rate we dont need mother nature to do it we are killing ourselves off.

  • Charli Girl

    SO CALLED JUDGE scalian would be SO PROUD!!! Two birds ONE stone..gay AND murder
    I find it ironic that a male feels lik

  • Charli Girl

    My dog jumped on my iPad..and sent text. Too early…anywho

    I find it ironic that a male feels violent when another male is attracted to him
    And makes a pass at him,yet str8 males hit on me every freaking day and unfortunately the
    Law doesn’t allow me to knock the shit out of them and tell them how disgusting I find them…

  • Charli Girl

    That Lil darlin was just gorgeous!!!! What a waste of such a sweet young life!

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