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28% of LGBTQ voters went for Trump because, um, we have absolutely NO idea

Exit polling of roughly 16,000 people who voted on Tuesday found that 7% of them identified as LGBTQ, which is a record turnout!

The exit surveys were conduced by Edison Research for the National Election Pool and interviewed voters outside of polling places or early voting sites, as well as by phone.

“Over the last three elections, the share of LGBTQ voters has continued to increase, solidifying our community as a key rising constituency that politicians must court,” Alphonso David, president of the HRC, said in a statement. “In the most consequential election of our lifetimes, LGBTQ people showed our strength.”

Now, here’s where things get weird.

Because while more openly LGBTQ people than ever turned out to vote in this year’s election, an alarming number of them cast their ballots for the guy who has spent the past four years chipping away at their rights.

28% of LGBTQ voters said they voted for Trump. 28%! That’s nearly double the number that voted for him in 2016.

Why is this? Who knows? But a recent study out of the Williams Institute could explain it. It found that 41% of LGB Republicans say they wish they were straight, and 38% of them believe their sexuality is a character flaw.

Or maybe it’s just the powerful influence of Tiffany Trump, who headlined a couple of “Trump Pride” events, where she giggled about how her father was going to find a cure for AIDS.

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