8 Comics Joining Adam Carolla In The Homophobic Stand-Up Hall of Fame

Adam Carolla is in the hot seat for attacking gays and trans people in a recent podcast. But he’s hardly the first to use the LGBT community as comedic fodder.

The wherefores and whys vary from comic to comic: Some claim they’re laughing with us, not at us. (Let us be the judge of that.)  Others are just pandering to immature audiences of college kids or Tea Party delegates. And some are just straight-up dickheads.

We’ve compiled a list of eight comics who, like Carolla, have singled themselves out for their homophobic vitriol. It’s by no means a complete list—sadly we don’t have enough bandwidth for that—but you might be surprised by some of the (alleged) funny folks who made the cut. Click ahead to find out!

Did we forget someone—or include someone who should’nt be on the list? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Jamie Noir

    “Good God, man, have you no shame?!?”

    Is that a question we really need to ask of Jay Leno? I’m pretty sure we all know the answer already.

  • Dillon Font

    Re: Jimmy Kimmel

    While it may have all been on Sarah Silverman’s end, or just an excuse for both of them to not get married when they were dating, Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel both refused to get married until gay people also had the right to get married. That’s a point for Jimmy Kimmel on the pro-homo scoreboard, I’d say.

  • Mike in Asheville

    I am not a Leno fan, I find that he is sometimes assuming.

    I was invited, however, to the Tonight Show for his interview of and performance by Elton John, it was John’s first public appearance following the funeral of Princess Dianna. My hubby and I, and our close yet straight friends who invited us, and the audience as a whole, was quite moved by the sensitivity shown by Leno and getting John to talk about his feelings, which included some very clearly pro-gay sympathy about loss and love.

    I always chalk one up for Leno for that.

  • Cam

    Can you even include Victoria Jackson as a comedienne?

  • Justin

    @Cam: My thoughts exactly. That woman never was funny and never will be. What possessed SNL to hire someone that stupid and unfunny is beyond me. She’s been cordially invited to fuck off and die in a fire.

  • christopher di spirito

    My fantasy is for all of these rabid homophobes to be placed on a boat the Navy uses for target practice.

  • Pete n SFO

    I guess it’s good news that so many of these people are has-beens, and that others wouldn’t go there today. Eddie Murphy? Seriously, can anyone imagine that was really ever funny?

    I’ve been to a Lisa Lampinelli show; she is an equal-opportunity offender and makes it very clear that if people aren’t “down-with-the-gays” to “get-the-fuck-outta-my-show”.

    Leno, is the most pernicious because it’s pandering to the most ignorant and uninformed fear across all of America in single second. No longer, ever, watch the guy.

  • phallus

    You have to wonder if some of this is scripted for the commedian. Whether they refuse to tell the joke(s) or comments is a different story. Actually who gives a crap what Murphy, Clay, Jackson and the rest of these idiots say anyway. With some of their sordid pasts does anyone really take them seriously?

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    Seems we’re on a path to a society where comedic comments of any sort will be outlawed and punishable by death from the Liberal Police. I understand not appreciating a joke based on sexuality, race, etc, but if you’re so hyper-sensitive to something that might bruise your very thin skin, I suggest your turn the channel or, as gays love to tell straights, “Get over it.”

  • Ian

    Well… Victoria Jackson wasn’t great on SNL… now she’s a bible-thumper spewing hate. Great. Just what we need more of…

  • Bron

    Politically Incorrect Thug : As much as I can’t stand these people listed,you’ve got a point there. We can’t become junior Stalins over this.

  • Henry

    @Bron: That’s right, shithead, you’d much rather have us become junior Hitlers.

  • Bron

    Henry / o : Nor junior Pol Pots.

  • Franklyn

    Maybe its me, but after going through all these lists. I don’t find any of them funny.

  • dellisonly

    @hephaestion: Squeeze in tight pumpkin. Do what you want but she is fighting with us. If you can’t handle a little name calling from one of our supporters, cut yourself and let it scab. You need thicker skin puddin’.

  • Bron

    Queer Supremacist : I agree with that too.

  • Aaron

    I was watching Chelsea Lately once and saw something that basically made me stop watching it forever. During the round table, Handler, these two twin guys (one in glasses), and that Heather woman, got into a conversation over Anna Paquin coming out as bisexual. The two guys basically made comments along the lines of “she’s just a greedy slut who needs to make up her mind” (though more PC than that), and Heather decided to make the coup de grace comment; (and I quote) “Well, you know, I know girls can be Bi, but guys can’t be bisexual. If you’re a guy and have sex with another guy, you’re gay!” The whole round table seemed to agree with her. So much for a show promoting LGBT rights, huh? (Then again, Handler dates 50 Cent, so hypocrisy is to be expected.)

  • Bron

    Actually, any comedian, gay or straight, could totally go to town on Eddie Murphy’s trannie-chasing.

  • Michael

    Andrew Dice Clay is forgiven. That’s a character he created to say horrible things to shock people. He’s no more real that Larry the Cable Guy. Besides, his was the least egregious. A lot of his comedy has to be viewed as watching an absurd character. It would be like black people being mad at Carol O’Conner for the things Archie Bunker said.

  • Bron

    On a related note, now gay comedian Andy Dick is taking heat for his anti-semitic rant directed at Howard Stern. To Stern’s credit, he’s fired back but never mentioned Dick’s sexuality.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    You forgot to include the now deceased Sam Kinison, who said some fag went to Africa and sucked a monkey’s dick, and brought AIDS back to America.

  • Kev C

    @Michael: I wouldn’t call it an act. More of a character based on himself that he kept and became IRL. Being “outrageous” is just a lame excuse for being an attention-seeking foulmouth dirtbag. It’s like saying Eminem is just acting and doesn’t mean anything he says. Yeah sure babe.

  • bab

    Jay Leno isn’t a comedian, he’s a (hardly) living sleeping pill.

  • Jon

    supid cunt….

  • Jon

    stupid cunt..

  • C.J

    I’m so going to gay hell for this, but I laughed pretty hard at “butt dust”. And the one about hairy asses at the beach.
    Actually, I’ll openly admit that I can’t take too much offense to a homophobic joke that actually makes me laugh. It’s when it degrades into petty hate, like Tracy Morgan’s “comedy”, that I start to take it seriously.

  • charles almon (@charles116)

    These poor folks just want to ‘belong’.
    Like the popular kids.
    But their ‘thinking’ is 3o years old.

  • charles almon (@charles116)

    @C.J: Hairy ass on George Clooney – MMMMmmmmmmmmmm.
    Hairy ass on Vince Vaughn – all yours

  • art

    It’s art; it is supposed to make you think.

  • Jayme

    I am and will always be a fan of the Diceman. My dad loved him and his comedy bit. He would even tell some of the nursury rhymes to get my mom and I laughing. Diceman while crude, was a very funny guy.

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  • Pat Duffy

    I never found Corolla funny, mainly because of what he did think was. Reminded me too much of the guys who routinely beatme in highschool….

  • Satire

    I’m convinced that Jay Leno could put his hand on a Bible and swear to God Almighty that he isn’t a homophobe. He truly believes he is not. But his gay jokes are always just a little too edgy to make me feel warm and fuzzy. His style of humor is pretty much teenage boy giggle at most anything. So I chalk it up to his writing staff and him not realizing that some things said are borderline insensitive. He has gotten better but he has a long way to go.

  • J

    To the asshole above who wrote about Lisa Lampanelli —

    Do you know how much she does for the LGBT community? Do you know how much she’s done for AIDS activism? When did the fucking gay pride movement start adopting techniques to ‘please straight people’?

    Long live Lisa. She donates money, time, energy and love to the gay community.
    If you can take a dick – you can take her jokes.

  • That Guy

    It would have been nice to see Gallagher die from that goddamn heart attack he had.

  • WES


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