8 Comics Joining Adam Carolla In The Homophobic Stand-Up Hall of Fame

Adam Carolla is in the hot seat for attacking gays and trans people in a recent podcast. But he’s hardly the first to use the LGBT community as comedic fodder.

The wherefores and whys vary from comic to comic: Some claim they’re laughing with us, not at us. (Let us be the judge of that.)  Others are just pandering to immature audiences of college kids or Tea Party delegates. And some are just straight-up dickheads.

We’ve compiled a list of eight comics who, like Carolla, have singled themselves out for their homophobic vitriol. It’s by no means a complete list—sadly we don’t have enough bandwidth for that—but you might be surprised by some of the (alleged) funny folks who made the cut. Click ahead to find out!

Did we forget someone—or include someone who should’nt be on the list? Let us know in the comments.