9 Great Pop-Culture Costumes For A Very Queer Halloween

Sandy dampened much of the East Coast, but it didn’t dampen our love for Halloween. Tonight, many of you will take to the streets in colorful frocks, begging strangers for treats—and some of you will actually dress up for Halloween.

In the spirit of the day, we’re sharing some great costume concepts we’ve come across in the past few weeks. (This talk drink of water dressed as one of the Engineers from Prometheus was actually spotted at San Diego Comic Con in July.)

We’re eschewing political costumes: They’re just not funny—and honestly, how do dress up like a binder full of women, anyway?


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Tan Mom

Tan Mom lost her shit at New York’s XL last month, where she was ultimately thrown out by hosts Lady Bunny and Bianca del Rio and club security. Who doesn’t love a costume where you’ll obligated to get blotto and fall down? Just don’t be dumb enough to pick a fight with a drag queen.


Tammie Brown
Speaking of drag queens, you could be any of the RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants, but as this recently booted All Star you won’t have to sing, dance or tell jokes. Just be wacky and shout things like, “Well come on, Telletubby, teleport us to Mars!”


Honey Boo Boo
We’re actually surprised we haven’t seen more doppelgangers of this breakout reality star so far. We all know how Alana loves her poodles!


American Horry Story: Asylum‘s Bloody Face
You absolutely, definitely will not get laid going as AHS’ skin-wearing serial killer, but you will win the costume contest. For something slightly less gruesome, you could always dress up as Sister Jude.


Big Bird
Carry a homemade “Will fuck for bird seed” sign and hit up everyone at the party for a job.

Nate Silver
Rachel Maddow‘s favorite statistician has the added benefit of being darn cute, but you have to get the glasses and matted-down hair just right. Oh yeah, Nate, call Ohio for us.


Gotye from “Somebody That I Used to Know” Video
Great option for exhibitionists. Just find a good friend to apply the paint.


Tom Daley
Another pick for exhibitionists—all you need is the body of a ridiculously fit 18-year-old, some bronzer and a tattoo of the Olympic Rings on your upper arm.



Hurricane Sandy


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