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  • Lucia

    If you guys hate the show so much why are you doing a live blog about it? Maybe not giving it press is the best way to deal with this train wreck of a show.

  • Matthew

    I think these guys are hamming it up for the camera, I mean these guys can’t be this egotistical/stupid in real life, can they? Anyways on a lighter note, I would totally break one of my rules and hit and quit Austin-after that he is really completely useless. -Blunt- ^_^

  • Devon

    I’d like to thank you for watching this crap so I don’t have to.

  • Kieran

    To paraphrase Samuel Johnson: “The gays are very fair people. They rarely speak well of each other.”

  • Mike L.

    I got to watch part of an episode at a gf’s house who had logo and omg puke Hahahaha too much drama for this fella.

    I like some of the other show I saw especially BUFFY! OMG I’d get the channel just for that hahaha!!!

  • jake

    Here’s proof that “it gets better” is a lie.

    Just kidding. This show is just as much a train wreck as the “Real Housewives.”

  • Joe

    I don’t care what any of you say, I love watching this show. The producers have tapped into the one element that makes for a reality TV success: shadenfreund.

  • Jeff

    BEST column at Queerty in AGES!


  • ousslander

    agree with Joe , It might be horrible but I’m guilty .

  • Stephen Thorn

    Very funny recap of last night’s episode of “The A List”!

  • A C

    I was actually approached to be in this bullshit fest of a show on 3 occasions back when it was tentatively called: “The Kept Boys of Manhattan” and when I told the producers that my husband of 13 years wanted no part of it, and that the co-op board of my building was probably not going to allow them to shoot at my apt, and that I was afraid to shoot in my country property because I didn’t want people to actually know where that house is located (privacy reasons) they actually told me not to worry, they would provide fake homes for all of us, fake homes, fake cars, fake friends, fake pets, fake husbands, fake lovers, fake lifestyles, fake tans and a script!…. LOL so I turned them down for the 3rd and last time.

    I mean really? By the way, the pay is under 3,000 an episode, I spend that on drinks at the bar in a week. LOL

  • Jeffree

    Not a fan of the show but the write-ups are the **best** “articles” here on Queerty.
    Thanks, guys! Keep them coming!

  • Charlie

    hmmmm lisp guys eh? Doesn’t Queerty get all up in arms every single time anyone anywhere says something homophobic?

    And… gay witch abortion?

  • Cam


    The guy was bascially a pass around for the c list set it sounds like. So only if you can get three condoms on should you risk it. It’s sounding like his ass might be the Staten Island Dump.

  • Jay

    I watch this show just to hate it. That’s what we girls do, you know.

    Oh, and to watch Rodiney who is beautiful, cute, and basically downright, dropdead gorgeous. The rest are just a bunch of boring, Anglo queens, almost all of whom are universally unattractive. Even Reichen of hot bod fame is boring and about as sexual as day old frenchtoast. They’re all horrid. And that includes that modeling “agent” and his female sidekick.


    What is really truly horrible is this piece of dreck is still on the TVs……..

  • Raul

    It seems that you know nothing about gay behavior. We love/hate everything.

  • Marcus M.

    I’m just really proud of myself for not watching.

  • rodrigo

    @ Jay:
    yay! someone that loves Rodiney too! I cant stand how bad Reichen treats him and his beautiful puppy eyes! I can’t stand it.

    I’ll own up to it, I also watch this show- borderline addiction. It makes me laugh and although not representative of the community its better than some other shows

  • Gurlzz

    Third week and the ratings are still bad for the show. Bring back NOAH’S ARC!

  • Julio

    Rodrigo, I agree with you, Rodiney is very attractive. By his actions, you can tell he’s passive and the bottom in the relationship Reichen. I don’t like this show because the gay men are all mostly feminine. Rodiney is stupid for taking crap off of Reichen. This is one of the things that turn me off about the gay life style, everything centers on sex, looks, and youth. I find Alex O’Loughlin, Eddie Cibrian, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Tom Welling, Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles to very sexy and attractive. Sure I would like to have sex with them all, but if I were just dating or in a relationship with just one of these guys, I wouldn’t think about sleeping or having sex with another guy. This doesn’t mean, I would look or fantasize about another attractive man I see in public or on screen. LOL Too many gay men of all races will grow old alone with no children or someone who truly loves them.

    Also, looking at some of Reichen’s photos in his underwear, the guy has a very small penis. I bet Rodiney is packing fully erect, but he’s the bottom. LOL

    I hate the arrogant white Queen Austin. Too many white gay men act as if they are God’s gift to the world or they are the superior race on the planet earth.

  • scott ny'er

    @Gurlzz: what are the ratings? link please, i’ve been looking and can’t find it.

  • Patty Simcox

    I’m glad to have these recaps. I am actually a Nielsen family but don’t want to contribute to the success of the show.

  • kyle-adrian

    Yet another show depicting gays in a negative light. Where are the SMART ones who can actually think beyond fashion and hooking up with a bunch of dudes? The diversity of this show sucks as well, since ONCE AGAIN the only gays who seem to exist in this world are skinny white men. This show sucks and is a waste of time.

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