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  • JB

    Logo was always doomed as the “gay network” – way too PG, way too limited in it’s programming (my gawd the repeats)and way too politically correct. Bravo won as the gay network because it managed to do everything Logo couldn’t – mostly by just being entertaining.

  • Maxx E. Padd

    Hopefully we never, ever, ever have to hear or see Austin again. Or any of the people on A list New York outside of Rodney and Reichen. Why ever go on a TV series when this will follow you the rest of your life. Horrible people especially that mental case Austin. Would anyone really want to know these people. Although they could keep Levi from Dallas as the man is worth looking at but pretty dumb.

    Would like to support Logo but how many drag queen shows can they show and the movies are all the same. Why can’t they follow Bravo! example? Can’t logo try to butch their shows up? How about a sports show or story about porn. There are too many food shows and clothes shows. A historical show about Stonewall and the lives before and after would be worth viewinig.

  • Matt

    Hooray! Less twinks and queens on TV!

  • QJ201

    Thank god, there are already enough queens in the big cities who think who the fuck they are without the additional insult of having some cable network actually call them “stars.”

    Logo has sucked from Day 1…though I do love RuPaul’s shows.

    Is Reichen now the Ted McGinley of gay programming? He was on Dante’s Cove…axed; A-List, cancelled. Seems to be a pattern.

  • John

    I liked the show, that sucks…I like Rupaul but they show too many repeats of Drag Race. I also don’t like how much they censor the movies. LOGO was much better 2-3 years ago, I guess they’re trying to appeal to the average viewer and not doing a good job of it.

  • Franco

    I want to hate them for how shallow they are, but I can’t. They’re so pitiful. Now they will return to obscurity. I hope! People shouldn’t be rewarded with attention and money for behaving badly, but unfortunately that’s what our society appears to enjoy. Entertainment has never been so unoriginal.

  • FunMe

    Oh no! The Master Piece of reality show is done. What am I going to do for entertainment. Just for them canceling the show, I am going to cancel my cable.

    Oh wait! I don’t have cable.

    Thank goodness!

  • tj

    I watched an episode… it wasn’t that entertaining but the one to the left was kind of funny.
    I prefer the housewives.

  • Steve M

    I think that most of the cast of the A List were stereotypes of people we’re trying to convince straights that we aren’t. Scheming, self-important, arrogant social climbers would describe my take on them. Frankly, I’m glad they’re gone. But Logo seems to be a huge failure at most of what they’re doing. The constantly repeating commercials are enough to drive me away. Bravo seems to be doing a very much better job. I thought RHOBH plot last week, dealing with a coming out and a gay wedding, was thoughtful, sensitive, and great.

  • Cam

    Logo is a failure as a gay network because it is basically ashamed of it’s demographic. I have never seen a network that censors as much as logo. They bleeped the word “Bottom” from a movie and bleeped out “Fongu” during a song in the movie “Grease”. It was idiotic. Then they only gay programming they do have beyond RuPaul, was this series full of truly repellent walking spray tans that masqueraded as people.

  • shannon


  • I won't grow up

    Logo, or as it otherwise known “The Ru-paul Network” is doomed. Lets face it, if all they air is that dreadful drag queen crap over and over, no wonder no one watches. In addition, if the “straight” world tunes in they will have the impression that the entire gay population of gay america is a bunch of trannies wearing too much make up.
    When it first started it was agreat network with great original programming. What the f**k happened? Drag has a place in our community, but it is not all we are.
    You are now welcome to chew me apart.

  • Alex

    @I won’t grow up: “chew you apart”? Why on earth would we do that? You’re 100% right.

  • Ronbo

    Why is everyone complaining? It was called the “A List” because they couldn’t get away with calling it the Asshole List.

    I know that they had to be mis-represented by the camera and editing, right? There really aren’t that many people with so few positive personality traits. Are there?

  • Mcflyer54

    LOGO … The first television channel in stereotype.

  • Brian

    The de-gay Logo dropped the A-List…. No shock to me. I think the work was doomed from the beginning. I don’t understand why Logo couldn’t do what MANY webisodic series I have seen online. Come on. Anyway, expect to see Rupaul canceled next. The show isn’t going to fit into their de-gay lineup.

  • Roxorz

    @Ronbo: Lol. No… This show was clearly trying to cash in on the new tried and true format of “bitches behaving badly” maybe it could have survived on bravo but I’m glad there will be no more of these guys… Aside from Mike Ruiz they all seemed jobless just trying to act crazy for a paycheck!

  • llere

    THANK GOD!!!

    This show was an embarrassment to gays everywhere

  • Drew P. Balz

    Finally, a good news story! I wonder what the self proclaimed gay role model, Reichen, will be doing next? Porn, then lie about it?

  • BobC562

    @Drew P. Balz: Porn? He’s not good enough of an actor.

  • jay

    these are all very sad people…it was an embarrassment to watch them and so we didn’t…LOGO has caught on to what the rest of us knew…now, if only they could create some decent gay-themed programming and stop with the endless and repetitive commercials…till then, it’s Bravo for me, with the occasional peak at LOGO to see if it’s becoming better

  • Brandon

    @I won’t grow up: Exactly!! I remember the original Logo and it had great shows and documentaries. Now its showing Teen Mom episodes??? I knew the nail was in the coffin when it began showing MTV reruns, all of whom have already been rerun to death on MTV itself. But the end is near for Bravo as well. I’m now nicknaming it the Fights & Arguments Network because that’s all you see on that channel. If it weren’t for the variety of guests, WWHL & Andy Cohen’s shtick would’ve gotten tired long time ago.

    You can love or hate the A-List, but its a sad day because the gay community has once again been alienated.

    @QJ201: Reichen isn’t the next “Ted McGinley” (that Gay Wedding play didn’t work out either) but his good looks can only take him so far. He’s a great model and entrepreneur but not a good actor or singer.

    BTW, Dante’s Cove was bound for the scrap heap even if Reichen was never a cast member. Everything about that show was god awful. The constant exhibition of nudity and sex scenes sold the show – which right there lets you know that the show couldn’t sell itself.

  • polterguest

    Hopefully all the participants will do the right thing by the gay community and commit suicide. Walk shit like them are really the worse thing about being gay.

  • Wilmer

    Those creatures made me sick to my stomach

  • Joe

    LOGO’s problem is content and scheduling.

    Insufficient content in endless rotation gets stale fast. They play the same movie at 2 and 7 on a weekend afternoon. I look at TLA Video’s gay selection and there’s way more content than what LOGO is playing. Plus no one wants to watch 4 to 8 hours of the same show. If they do then they bought the dvd box set. Once a movie or hsow is played it should not be repeated for at least a week if not month.

    Inconsistent scheduling results in not knowing what is going to be on so I don’t even check what’s on the schedule. If I randomly change the channel to LOGO it’s in the middle of a movie or a marathon of something. They need a solid reliable schedule to get a consistent audience. The same show at the same time each day would go a long way. Will and Grace at 4pm everyday. I might actually tune in then.

  • FelixWood

    Austin is genuinely one of the worst human beings I’ve seen featured in a reality show, so I’m happy this has been cancelled so as to prevent enabling his awful behaviour.

  • sam

    Considering that this show set back “equality” issues by ten years or so – I am happy to see it go. It was a silly train wreck of folks who took themselves way to seriously, self absorbed and mean spirited most of the time.

    But, Rodiney was the gay CHARO, fun to watch – will miss him, but not the show.

  • Urethra Franklin

    Logo’s programming and censorship policies suck anyway, and not in the good way….

  • jeff4justice

    Thank you Jesus.

    Anything attached to MTV is all about superficial dumbing down of people so Logo is no exception. MTV killed 365gay new blog and now they’re killing Logo. They’ve brought back Beavis and Butt-head becuase the netowrk is all about dumbing down people.

    Anyone ever see the Adult Swim cartoon network show “The Boondocks” and see how they call out BET for trying to dumb down black people. Logo has been doing the same type of dumbing down of LGBT peple.

    I want smart entertainment like The Young Turks talk show or good matured entertainment like Modern Family.

    I do not want to watch glorified mean-spiritedness. No wonder there are so few LGBT roles models today.

  • Mike

    I actually liked Austin…

  • WillBFair

    Rick and steve was the only thing they ever did. It actually had charm and wit, which are rare in the commercial media.
    The a-list was beneath contempt.
    The drag race is hopeless, a white washed, sugar coating of old time drag culture, which was raunchy and hilarious.
    Logo is a disgrace. No wit or education. No queer history, gay heroes or geniuses, or queer achievement. An endless parade of moronic trash.
    I have to remember that educated content is not allowed in the commercial media.

  • rf

    Stars? lol

  • velocifero

    The fact that Logo canceled the mess that was the A-List proves there is a least someone over at that trainwreck of a network to understand that about ,0001 of the US viewing audience carried about any of those attention seekeing media whores. Good riddance to all of them, though I fear Andy Cohen will probably find some vehicle for some of the cast. His taste being about that the same as the logo execs who green lighted the A-List to begin with.

    Logo, if your reading this, you are pretty much a dead network thanks to being owned by VH1 and god knows who else. The fact that straight people program an LGBT network says it all. If they actually sunk some money into producing half way interesting original programming they might survive. But how much ad revenue can you sustain with reruns of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (really? who the hell cares about that) and end less reruns of Drag Race. RuPaul should give up on Logo, take his show to another network and let Logo fall away into obscurity. There’s better gay content on ABC, NBC and CBS now.

  • kieran

    Oh goody! I guess that means even more Buffy the Vampire re-runs and hideous drag queen shows on cable’s “gay channel”. What a joke.

  • Spike

    OH horrors, what will Reichen do next??? Probably do a video only to find out after the fact that it was pron, then hire Gloria Allred will hold a news conference as his lawyer, in reference to the gay porn industry exploiting high profile gays.

  • George

    Reichen is the biggest fame whore in existence, which is quite sad when you consider the fact that he is thirty something and not 18. He sweats desperation like perspiration, and whenever a reality show needs a hot gay dude that everyone will love just for their looks be sure Reichen will be there

  • brad

    Thank goodness. What a waste of space those people are.

  • Seaguy

    Oh those poor girls must be so sad! No more queening it up and cat fighting with Nyisha or whatever the hell her name was, on TV.

  • Jeff

    @JB: It’s about time they canceled such trash.

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