Ad Nauseam

HX magazine’s internal battle keeps spilling into our mailbag: “It’s bullshit that Matthew Bank listens to everything Neal Boulton tells him to do like a puppy dog (like fire Matthew Farris!). They have secret meetings that everyone can overhear. We’ve all seen the redesign and we all know what’s coming. Brandon [Voss] worked his ass off at HX and there is no reason to shut him out like this.” So, which of the names mentioned wrote this one?

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  • jamesn

    I’m not sure, but just as a point of order: if everyone can overhear your meeting, it’s not a secret.


  • hells kitchen guy

    I seriously doubt if Boulton tells Banks whom to hire and fire. Someone’s playing you, Queerty.

  • timmmyk

    Such tripe.

  • joe

    Matthew Bank is scum.

    Nuff said.

  • someone special

    They should just fold this magazine and be done with it. It’s not as good as the new NEXT. They keep hiring and firing so many people, they really need to put new yorkers out of their misery.

  • Cyd

    does anyone really care?

  • JohnnyR

    Cyd, the only people that seem to care is Andrew. Out of all of the gay publications in the entire world, he seems to focus solely on HX and Genre in his desire to bash them relentlessly. He doesn’t seem to realize that the more he does it, the less we seem to care and the more bitter and petty he appears.

    If anything from what I know of Matt Farris, he’s probably the one who planted the comment. Oh yeah, former HX employee here folks. I luckily got a new job and left on my own rather than being let go. And for the record it wasn’t all doom and gloom. If you do your job you can make a nice bit of money. I know I did.

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