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Adam Lambert: “Music Doesn’t Have An Orientation”

Out and proud glam rockstar Adam Lambert embarked on a Memorial Day Weekend mini-tour from New Jersey’s beaches to Canada promoting the debut of his new album Trespassing at No. 1.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Season 8 American Idol runner-up jammed at the famed Jersey shore, amazed that he was rocking out at Snooki and The Situation’s stompin’ grounds.

“Is this the Jersey Shore? Is this happening?” Lambert asked. Oh, yes, it is Adam. When you’re famous, dreams come true!

Yesterday, he concluded his tour with an interview on the Toronto-based television show New.Music.Live, Canada’s answer to MTV’s TRL. Between the rabid screams of fangurls, Lambert mused, “Music doesn’t have an orientation [or] a preference. Music is universal, we all love to dance, we all love to feel, and we all love to sing along to stuff. [It] doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, black, white, girl or boy.”

Sing it, gurl! Check out the interview here and watch the video for his new album’s single “Never Close Our Eyes.”

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  • Roxorz

    Haha, when his first 2 singles weren’t doing well he loved using the “America doesn’t embrace the gay singer” card and now that he got a number 1 “nobody cares about orientation”.

  • Jason

    @Roxorx; Oh STFU idiot. Haters are always the first to comment.

  • Roxorz

    @Jason: Heh, Angry much?! I’m not a hater… Actually happy for him. Just pointing out how quickly his tune changed now that he has a #1 album.

  • Lefty

    Lambert’s fanbase is mainly obsessive straight girls – witness them descend here in their hordes should anyone say anything negative about him (usually telling “us” with a degree of condescension they’re clearly oblivious to that we should be embracing gay stars whether their music is sh*t or not) – it’s funny how he never mentioned that obsessive and irrational element of his fanbase when he was criticising gay men for not supporting him.
    This statement is just like the “Oh, I’m not a gay singer – I’m just a singer (or whatever) who happens to be gay” rubbish – yeah, I’m not a gay man, I just like sucking c*ck.
    What a bland empty platitude.

    Still, good for him – I hope his success continues. He seems a bit better than most of the cr*p out there…

  • quincy

    @Roxorz: saying music itself doesn’t have an orientation so people who listen enjoy and relate to his music regardless of orientation, is not mutually exclusive from bigoted people are less likely to give the music a chance in the first place

  • Roxorz

    @quincy: I agree! I was never bashing him or being a hater. Just found it funny that he was making excuses a few weeks ago as to why his songs weren’t at the top of the charts and now he’s saying that music is music. Good luck to him!

  • Sean

    Lefty, you say his fan base is obsessive straight girls. And I say Madonna’s is obsessive gay men. Your point is?

  • Lefty

    @Sean: My point is his fanbase is obsessive straight girls.
    I assumed it was spelt out pretty clearly in my original post.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    He always said he had challenges in the music BUSINESS and he always said MUSIC doesn’t have an orientation. He never said “nobody cares about orientation”. He’ll be the first to tell you people DO. “Music business” and “Music” are not synonyms. But I’m pretty sure you knew that and just wanted to get your snark on

    What first two singles didn’t do well? The second one,WWFM charted #10. And he has a number 1 ALBUM not “song”.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    “witness them descend here in their hordes should anyone say anything negative about him (usually telling “us” with a degree of condescension they’re clearly oblivious to that we should be embracing gay stars whether their music is sh*t or not) –”

    “clearly oblivious to that we should” makes no sense in that sentence.

    You ARE clearly oblivious that you should be embracing gay stars whether their music is sh*t or not. Is the guy hurting YOU by making music? No, and unlike any other phony self serving “star” you can think of he’s jeopardized his entire career to live openly. So he’s HELPING you, whether you’re willing to admit it or not.

    Those straight women are the sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins, lawyers, teachers, pupils, cooks, ditch diggers and dog walkers of all the hetero boys and men that YOU need in YOUR corner. How’s your animosity working out for you so far? Something like 33 states voting against marriage equality? And Obama the closet LGBT advocate pushing it off to the states. SO courageous. I personally think that it’ll take a Supreme court ruling to reach equality but maybe if some of these women you mock have anything to do with the future, you can at least go out in public without their relatives beating the crap out of you.

    And it’s so presh you can tell they’re all STRAIGHT. Because they’re not. Lesbians, especially teenage to 30, are a big contingent of his female fan base, and at least more than the 10% that’s supposedly in the general public.

    Why are you conflating “I’m a singer that happens to be gay” with his 3 year old ongoing observation that the LGBT community was so rough on him for either being not gay enough or too gay. AARON HICKLIN ring a bell? Queerty ring a bell?

    Anybody who posted here since 2008 knows it to be MORE THAN TRUE. Or weren’t you paying attention when it took asshole Jarrett Barrios 4 failed attempts to even make a moderately coherent statement about the AMA blackball drama, backpedaling back and forth unable to decide what to say. No surprise to ME, since I always knew he was nothing more than a crooked lobbyist, especially with ABC…as he later proved when forced to resign for that very thing. Oh that’s right. You were probably one of the OBSESSIVE MEN too focused on his fan demographics and the stupid Details magazine shoot to pay attention to what was REALLY going on with the guy’s career.

    As long as contributors keep rewriting history according to their failed recollections and making grand ad hominem attacks on Lambert and his fans, for no reason whatsoever, we’ll keep descending. Sorry ’bout it.

  • Lefty

    Regular as clockwork…

  • Roxorz

    @ScaryRussianHeather: Well Heather I was simply referring to the fact that there was an article on here a few weeks ago where he said “We’re very eager to celebrate a strong female. But to celebrate a fellow gay man—it gets catty sometimes.” And a few weeks later in this article he is now saying “we all love to dance, we all love to feel, and we all love to sing along to stuff. [It] doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, black, white, girl or boy.”
    The first quote essentially saying we aren’t celebrating him as he should be celebrated because he is a gay man, and the second one now saying well…the whole gay thing doesn’t really matter..we all just want to dance.

    Also I was referring to the singles from his current album…”better than I know myself” only getting to #76 on the hot 100. And since the new song has only been out a short time I’ll make a correction that I should have just said the first single didn’t do well.

    Wasn’t trying to start a debate was just making a passing comment at how his attitude seemed to make a slight change. (Which it has every right to)

  • rodca

    Damn! Enough already!

    So what do you all think on the music video?

  • Sean


    And so what if he has lots of straight women fans? What’s wrong with that? Does that make him less than? He’s not cool enough to count despite having one of the very best voices in pop, rock, you name it? I’ll never understand the whole “fraus love him so he must be crap” attitude. IMO truly limited thinking.

  • Lissy

    I’m mystified how someone can hone in on what was an honest comment from Adam twisted in the headlines for clickbait — I mean srsly, honestly, who do you stan harder, Gaga, RiRi, Queen B, Nikki or maybe some old skool Madonna OR the Scissor Sisters or Rufus or Sam Sparro, lbr — and conflate it with Adam talking about how music is universal.

    Adam is on TV speaking to a predominately straight audience of viewers trying like hell to take advantage of this brief moment in time for him at #1 to do his best to kick that door open wider for the next LGBT artists to hopefully follow him to #1. He’s trying his damndest to not make it about him, all WOO HOO, I DID IT, GO GAY ME and instead make it about hey look this wasn’t that painful was it straight folks, lets give the next guy or girl a shot too.

    Snark all you want, I still think it’s pretty awesome.

  • Drewby

    @Lefty: I think you’re right! You can’t have anything negative to say about Lambert without his fans going into attack mode. I think he’s good… but to my taste I wouldn’t call him one of the greatest voices of anything, but that’s what’s beautiful about music and entertainment… what one person loves the next may not regardless of gay/straight yadayada.

  • terry

    SOme pretty sad attitudes here. This is why I rarely bother with LGBT publications, I see too much of this “eating our own” going on and it makes me sad. Adam has always been very honest about what he’s thinking and feeling. He doesn’t “play cards” he just says what he thinks – which is why he often lands himself in trouble. But more importantly, roxorz, in what alternative universe does Adam saying that gay men have difficulty celebrating a fellow gay man and get catty sometimes equal “America doesn’t embrace the gay singer”? They are two completely different things. And what’s more, sadly he is correct, for proof look no further than your own comments and others in this article. And trying to silence opposing opinions to the petty illogical comments here with some uninformed childish stereotyped put-down of women doesn’t make you look any less catty or ignorant. All Adam did here was say music has no orientation – a positive statement of his belief in the power of music to effect change and unite people. Why in the hell is that such a horrendous crime in some gay people’s eyes? Thats the real question isnt it. (and for the record, NO I’M NOT A STRAIGHT GIRL – not that it would matter if I was. Nor am I a “FAN” – tho I like Adam and his music. Just as I like a whole lot of other artists and their music too. I AM a fan of fairness tho.)

  • terry

    @Drewby: Hmmmm well, I dunno. I think in this case at least ‘an attack’ is well justified. Especially since his “fans”, as well as Adam Lambert, have already been attacked here first. You know, insulting people and then using ridicule and derision to gang up on folks when they defend the victim of the insult and/or themselves is kinda like.. you know… bullying.

  • Dave

    Lambert’s music sucks.

  • Roxorz

    @terry: I never said it was a negative statement. Had his album not done well it wouldn’t have meant either gay or straights weren’t supportive of a gay artist… Maybe they just don’t enjoy his stuff. But I should have known anything other than positive comments will raise hell.

  • Janet

    It was the media that kept putting the pressure on Adam to admit he’s gay. He decided to announce it in Rolling Stone magazine (classy magazine) after weeks after idol had finished and the way the press kept hounding him. He’s the best entertainer and singer since Elvis. He’s earned his success and there’ll be many more years of the best of him to come yet. He struggled for years in theatre and as a singer to make it. I grew up in the 60’s, on merseyside to be precise and I’ve never been so enthusiastic in a performer since the Beatles and I’ve been to my share of concerts over the years. I just wish people and the media would stop bringing up his sexual orientation, the guy is an amazing singer and performer,knowone needs to care about the fact that he’s gay.

  • Lefty

    @Sean: I never said there was anything wrong with it. He’s playing to his audience with that comment, that’s all – and gay men ain’t his audience (that’s why he slagged us off the other week, but never mentioned his crazy obsessive straight female fanbase – who clearly think anyone that doesn’t agree Adam’s the greatest and most talented human being since Jesus Christ is The Enemy…)

  • Red

    Most male popstars have fanatic straight female fanbases. Why do some gay guys even stress the “female” fan base “fawning” over the gay popstar? I find that objectionable, in that the implication is that a female fan base is by definition inferior and irrational.

  • Lefty

    @Red: And most male popstars are straight (or closeted) and naturally cater to their predominantly female fanbase – my point was that the recent comments Adam made about gay men not supporting him and now this mundane platitude about music having no orientation is just him catering to that female fanbase.
    It’s a very savvy repositioning of his image – basically sexless.
    What I find objectionable is when those obsessive straight female fans come on to gay websites to tell us what we should be doing.

    “I find that objectionable, in that the implication is that a female fan base is by definition inferior and irrational.”

    Not sure where you’re getting the inferior subtext from, but if you want proof of irrationality look two comments up – apparently, he’s the best entertainer and singer since Elvis.

    I like Adam Lambert and hope he has even greater success – I don’t much like his music, but so what?
    I feel the same about Lady Gaga – I like her, don’t listen to her music, CAN’T STAND her obsessive idiot fans (or rather the loud vocal aggressive irrational element of that fanbase).

    Of course, Adam’s breaking down barriers, as it were and for that he deserves enormous credit – hopefully in the future we’ll have an openly gay popstar who is as open sexually in their work as most female popstars already are… and who still has the same level of success…

  • Cam

    @terry: said…

    “SOme pretty sad attitudes here. This is why I rarely bother with LGBT publications,”

    Regular as clockwork, the Adam fans come in and start bashing the gay community.

  • Drew

    Janet Lambert should have just came out instead of being closeted like he was at first. It’s not a huge secret or mystery that he happens to be gay. No he’s not nearly as good or original as older musicians such as young Elvis were.

  • Ty

    What I don’t get is why people take that gays don’t go crazy for Adam as this sign that gay people hate other gay artists… maybe his music just doesn’t appeal to us?

    Glamberts are so quick to bash Scissor Sisters because SS doesn’t have crossover top 40 airplay. But they’re forgetting a key ingredient… SS are geared to LGBT audiences, not women who consider “Moves Like Jagger” and “Hey Soul Sister” to be cool edgy rock songs.

    Lambert’s music is very middle of the road and the only thing “gay” about it is that he’s a gay man singing those songs. Replace him with a heterosexual and we have Train, Maroon 5, Three Doors Down and about ten other MOR pop/rock bands who mainly appeal to over-30 soccer moms. Lambert’s not extremely popular with gays because a lot of people don’t like MOR top 40/pop/rock, now because of internalized homophobia, because if that’s the case, then why are Scissor Sisters as big as Gaga amongst gay men?

  • wiredream

    Nothing – nothing – is more heinous, more disgusting, more vomitous and, let’s face it, more risible and unintentionally hilarious than a glambert sparklecow.
    Trust me – Lambert is laughing at – LAUGHING AT – you.

  • queenrosered

    @Cam: Yes and regular as clockwork, as soon as Lambert’s name is posted,a few spiteful gays come in and start bashing HIM and his fans! It’s pure, unadulterated bullshit to think there is no built-in GATE ( gay hate!) towards him.
    Gaga is “safe” to “love” because she’s NOT gay and not male.Non-threatening like ALL your beloved DIVAS.
    You “special few” won’t be happy until he performs fellatio onstage and even THEN, he’ll have the Anderson Cooper/NPH brigade up in arms!LOL!
    Why should heteros even BOTHER to support YOUR “rights” when all you do is hate on one another? smh…..
    And WRONG TY, re: replacing “any hetero singer” with the same songs. Outlaws of Love, Underneath. Shady, etc..are definitely geared towards gay themes. Plus there isn’t another male artist alive who has the vocal range and power as Lambert.Period.And why should he limit himself to a “gay only” role? NPH and many others haven’t. Where’s the outrage over them??
    But ya know what? Lambert is so talented that he’ll make it without your jealous asses.Choke on THAT!

  • NinaNais

    Ha, some very interesting comments here. I have a strong feeling that a lot of people are speaking without knowledge, whether they are speaking about Gaga or Adam.

    Anyone who thinks that you can replace Adam with any hetero singer in his songs or that the only thing “gay” about him is the fact that a gay man is performing the songs, obviously hasn’t heard Underneath, Outlaws of Love and Shady from this album, or Aftermath and Fever from the last, has never seen the many interviews in which Adam talks openly about being in love with his boyfriend and the songs he inspired, or Glam Nation Tour footage, or the many adoring fangirl videos on youtube featuring him tongue wrestling on the song “Fever” with his bassist Tommy, or cuddling with his boyfriend Sauli. Adam’s fans know he is as gay as gay can be – he doesn’t have to reposition himself as sexless. In fact it is his OVER THE TOP sexuality on stage that sold him like hot cakes to all those soccer moms, grannies and teenage girls in various countries. They just love to see him and Tommy suck face. It is the weirdest thing. It’s also funny that Adam is being berated for “staying in the closet until he was forced out” when he’s been out since he was 18, gave an interview making a statement about his sexuality immediately on being released from AI’s prohibition on giving individual interviews during the season, and what’s more, is more out than any male celebrity ever. (Kind of ironic that he, who is so open, is being berated and demands are being made, yet those who are still completely in the closet are left alone – give a foot and people demand a mile, huh?) But to know that, you would have to actually watch Adam’s interviews and fan videos that will not make it to mainstream media in the US.

    As for Gaga, dismissing her as somehow just using the gay community as a trendy form of “edgy cred” is not fair. She is a much more thoughtful and intelligent woman than many of her antics would imply at face value. But then again, you would have to watch her interviews to know that. I think it’s only fair that people actually take the time to get to know a performer and their music before slagging them off. It’s ok to be disinterested or not to have an opinion if you don’t know the faccts. But to NOT know, but still express negative opinions despite ignorance is kind of arrogant and lazy.

  • RedRoseQueen1

    @Sean: Touche’!

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