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Adam Lambert: “Music Doesn’t Have An Orientation”

Out and proud glam rockstar Adam Lambert embarked on a Memorial Day Weekend mini-tour from New Jersey’s beaches to Canada promoting the debut of his new album Trespassing at No. 1.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Season 8 American Idol runner-up jammed at the famed Jersey shore, amazed that he was rocking out at Snooki and The Situation’s stompin’ grounds.

“Is this the Jersey Shore? Is this happening?” Lambert asked. Oh, yes, it is Adam. When you’re famous, dreams come true!

Yesterday, he concluded his tour with an interview on the Toronto-based television show New.Music.Live, Canada’s answer to MTV’s TRL. Between the rabid screams of fangurls, Lambert mused, “Music doesn’t have an orientation [or] a preference. Music is universal, we all love to dance, we all love to feel, and we all love to sing along to stuff. [It] doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, black, white, girl or boy.”

Sing it, gurl! Check out the interview here and watch the video for his new album’s single “Never Close Our Eyes.”