The ongoing legal battle between a luxury property owner and an adult film company has taken a bizarre new twist…

Leah Bassett is the owner of a beachside rental property in Aquinnah, Massachusetts. Back in March, she filed a lawsuit against Monica Jensen, owner of Mile High Media, claiming the production company used her property to shoot at least two dozen gay adult films without permission.

In the lawsuit, Bassett accused the production team of utilizing “nearly every room of her home for their porn production purposes” including “her bedrooms, her living room and family room sofas, her stairway, atop her dining room table, her bathrooms, her basement, atop her laundry room appliances.”

In addition to all that, they “deliberately used her linens and bedspreads, including the decorative bedroom pillows hand-sewn/designed specifically by Ms. Bassett, for their condom-less ejaculatory porn scenes.”

But it didn’t stop there.

Bassett also accused Mile High Media of having a “history of predatory practices,” including pedophile-themed plots in their films. She specifically pointed to the films Schoolboy Fantasies 2 and His Son’s Best Friend Volume 1 as examples, both of which were filmed inside her house.

Bassett’s lawyer, John Taylor, told the Vineyard Times in March that the porn company deliberately “chose to relocate” their production from California to a “state that was ground zero for the sexual misconduct charges brought against the priests in the Catholic church,” as well as the location of the rape and murder of Jeffrey Curley in 1997, which he claimed only added to the “emotionally disturbing and objectionable nature of some of the predatory-themed ‘fantasy’ porn films” filmed on the property.

Now, Jensen is counter-suing, accusing Bassett of defamation and claiming her lawyer’s remarks about pedophilic-themed films led to an “international news smear campaign” against Jensen and her company.

“There exists absolutely no basis or justification for associating Mile High or Jensen with the instances of sexual abuses in the Catholic Church or the attempted sexual assault and murder of 10-year Jeffrey Curley,” Jansen’s suit reads.

It continues: “Rather, these defamatory remarks which have absolutely no relevance to the claims in this action, are evidence of Attorney Taylor and Plaintiff’s clear intent to inflame and prejudice the public against the defendants.”

Jensen is now seeking injunction in the case, claiming “it is very likely that more false statements will be made by both the Plaintiff and Attorney Taylor in the upcoming months of litigation.”

Meanwhile, Bassett remains an emotion wreck. She says she’s suffered severe emotional distress that required her to see a therapist to help deal with the “emotionally and psychologically traumatizing effects” of everything that had happened.

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