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Welcome to your weekend streaming recommendations, a.k.a. the Weekend Watch, a handy guide to the queerest film and TV content that’s just a click away!

Happy Halloween, queers! We’re capping off October with a list of off-the-wall, spooky streaming picks that are guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine—and possibly make you laugh out loud. Have a safe and happy Halloween weekend (yes, we know Halloween falls on a Tuesday), and don’t forget to check your candy!

Read on to find deep cut LGBTQ horror picks to stream this weekend.

The Gay Bed & Breakfast Of Terror

This zero-budget indie actually has a ton of charm. Jaymes Thompson’s 2007 horror comedy sees a disparate group of queer folks check in to a charming bed and breakfast in the desert…. and die violently, one by one. There’s very little mystery to this Ten Little Indians-style slasher, and the jokes range from cheap to schlocky to insane. But thanks to a committed and charming cast of virtual unknowns, as well as a script of wildly escalating events, The Gay Bed & Breakfast Of Terror is a fun little hidden gem.

Now streaming on Tubi, Plex and Midnight Pulp. Available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.


Dan Gildark’s 2007 horror mystery Cthulhu is a queer take on H.P. Lovecraft’s famous mythos. When young professor Russ (Jason Cottle) returns to his sleepy, waterfront hometown following his mother’s death, he is plagued by nightmares and soon learns of a dark family secret involving unknowable horrors. Cthulhu uses Lovecraft’s short story The Shadow Of Innsmouth to tell a fascinating tale about sexuality—Russ is gay, and his sexual orientation heavily factors into the horrors that await. Oh, and Tori Spelling’s here, too! 

Now streaming on Plex. Available to rent on Google Play and YouTube.

ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction

This bonkers 2010 horror comedy, directed by Kevin Hamedani, imagines what a zombie apocalypse looks like in a small, extremely conservative island community through the eyes of a bunch of liberals. Iranian-American Frida (Janette Armand) returns home to Port Gamble on the same night as Tom (Doug Fahl), a gay guy who’s nervous about introducing his boyfriend to his homophobic mother. When zombies arrive, Frida and Tom find themselves running from both the undead and the bigots of Port Gamble.

Now streaming on Vudu, Tubi and Plex. Available to rent on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play and YouTube.

Knife + Heart

A stylish homage to the giallo, an Italian style of horror filmmaking, Yann Gonzalez’s 2018 flick Knife + Heart follows Anne (Vanessa Paradis), an adult film director in 1970s Paris whose latest set is targeted by a masked killer who is offing all her hot queer stars. Anne, a lesbian nursing a broken heart, sets out to solve the mystery while also making an incredibly steamy gay sex film. Knife + Heart has a lot of nudity, violence, and style—with an intriguing mystery to boot!

Now streaming on AMC Plus, Tubi, Kanopy, Shudder and Freevee.

The Kicker…

In this amazing installment of Trixie & Katya Like To Watch, the gals are shocked when Netflix’s very gay Fear Street trilogy is actually scary and not a kid-friendly R.L. Stine adaptation.

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