Fap the vote

What your adult viewing habits say about your politics, according to the experts

Are cam vids the new stump speech? Adult platform xHamster surveyed 6,500 of its U.S. users and found the site’s adult connoisseurs to be way more engaged in politics than the general U.S. populace is.

According to the site, 88 percent of U.S. xHamster visitors eligible to vote plan to in the 2020 election, compared to just 60 percent of the voting-age U.S. population.

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The survey also revealed certain NSFW genres correlate to certain political allegiances.

It may not surprise you, for example, that the gay male genre is favored by left-leaning voters. Less than 18 percent of gay or lesbian users — but, surprisingly, more than 62 percent of bisexual users — identified themselves as conservative, alt-right, or right.

MILF videos, meanwhile, are more popular among right-wing voters, so much so that MILF fans make up xHamster’s biggest voting bloc. And centrists? They love cuckold content, apparently!

Plus, viewers of gay male videos are the most likely to vote, with 92.2 percent saying they plan to cast a ballot in the 2020 elections. Rounding out the five genres with the most politically engaged viewers are cuckold, bisexual, MILF, and BDSM.

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With this kind of engagement, xHamster Vice President Alex Hawkins says cams could decide this election. In fact, the site is even offering front-page placement to any politician — from either side of the aisle — bold enough to record a video for the site.

“If a politician from either party wants to make a last minute pitch to voters on the xHamsterLive platform, we’ll put them on the front page to speak directly at our audience of over 60 million,” Hawkins added. “No matter what your politics, we should all want to see more people engaged and voting.”

Scroll down for graphs of results from xHamster’s “Fap the Vote” survey.