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Air New Zealand’s Safety Video Tells Passengers Kissing the Flight Attendants Isn’t Required During Takeoff

It’s still fair to say Delta has the sexiest flight safety information video, with Katherine Lee waving her finger at passengers hoping to smoke at 30,000 feet. But with theirs, Air New Zealand has gone gay.

With help from New Zealand ruby team the All Blacks, the airline had the same sort of fun with the instructional video that Richard Branson has been enjoying for years. And then there’s the gay flight attendant (and aren’t they all), hoping for a smooch from a strapping lad while asking you to turn off your electronic devices. He is denied

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  • Bob

    Now that even I would watch!!! That cute blond attendant was a doll….

  • Jeff

    Did you notice the gay flight attendants name was Coxhead….love it!!!

  • Scott

    I didn’t like the request for a kiss. It depicts the gay guy as unprofessional as opposed to the other employees. In the US it could be construed as sexual harassment to ask a client at work to kiss you. If any of my employees did that (s)he would be fired.

  • EdWoody

    @Scott: It’s not as opposed to the other employees – the girl just got a kiss the very second before.

    On the old British Airways one, there was a hot blond boy who gave you a close-up of his crotch to demonstrate how to work the seatbelt. Then they got rid of him and made it all cartoons. :-(

  • Emmy

    When was the last time you saw Maori and Caucasian rugby athletes, costumed fans, a diverse work crew and a streaking senior in an in-flight safety video? The dig at the Australian rugby fan wearing the green and yellow jersey and being referred to as a child was sly!

    Makes me yearn to fly Air New Zealand again!

  • Emmy

    @EdWoody: Can anyone find a video on YouTube please?

  • TommyOC

    You should see the other one… the one where the New Zealand attendants are wearing paint-on clothing…

  • Greg Theron

    The guy on the right of 1:35 makes me wetter than Hurricane Katrina. I think he’s Richard Kahui.

  • Hamoboy

    Richard Kahui ftw!!! And he’s soo nice in person too!!!

  • marco

    I love the New Zealand accent… especially how they pronounce their “I’s”

    And how great is it that that cute blond flight attendant’s last name is “Coxhead” :)

  • fredo777

    Those All Black guys were all hot. Woof.

  • Nick Farben

    Hehe… and they took a quick jab as the Aussies at around 2:05 (Green & Gold are Australian sport colours). Classic Kiwi service indeed.

    P.s. I couldn’t care less about rugby. However, being Aussie, I will happily bite my thumb at any All Blacks supporter. Hey, it’s tradition.

    P.s.s Love love LOVE kiwi men.

  • Dante

    id like to blow on the mouthpiece ;)

  • Will

    Yeah, Scott, lighten up. Take it in the context. It was all done in fun and the girl did the same thing. It was actually fairly subtle and well handled.

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