Alexander Skarsgard Is Happy To Get Naked As Often As We Need Him To

Strike a pose: The affable Swede will melt more than a few hearts with this pose

“Nudity is great. If it makes sense in the script, I really don’t care.”

Hunky Swede Alexander Skarsgard, discussing the frequency in which he has to strip down on True Blood, in the new issue of GQ Australia, out today.


Photos: GQ Australia

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  • Dumdum

    I doubt that I would watch True Blood if I were not safe in the knowledge that I will see Alexander’s beautiful body.Not to mention Joe Manganiello.I think it must be in their contracts to show off their hot bodies, it sure isn’t the stellar story line that keeps me watching. And I just love all those hot fairy folk.You can keep your stupid werewolves and creepy vampires and retarded red necks. I just love me some fairies!!! I never say mean things about anyone. I have never been flagged or abused my commenting privileges.I may be a Gay man but I am always first and foremost a Lady, and I endeavor to handle myself with a modicum of respectability,culture, and refinement.

  • Dumdum

    I apologize for using the words stupid,creepy and retarded.

  • ncman

    I see the Deep-V shirt reveals a nice patch of fur on his chest. I don’t recall that ever showing up on True Blood. It’s gorgeous. Too bad the True Blood powers that be shave him down.

  • Rockery

    True blood, I was going to say I have no idea what this guy does, I see blogs talk about him but I never see him act, but I don’t watch that show

  • Boytoy

    @Rockery: Really? TrueBlood is an awesome show.I recommend you check it out.

  • richg813

    Dumdum, you are hilarious, great post! This show is one of my very favorite guilty pleasures, Eric & Joe drip with testosterone. Would I watch the show without them? I just don’t know.

    NCman, I agree completely, shame on True Blood for making him shave that chest!

    Boytoy, I like the show and watch it religiously (maybe a bad adverbial choice), but don’t you kind of this the show has kind of jumped the sharp in some ways? I think it USED to be an awesome show and they are grasping a bit for new ideas.

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