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All Hail Bryan Boy: The Internet’s Most Fabulous Fashionista Is Going Mainstream

Bryan Boy, the Philippines-based fashionholic and star of his own fantasy land, is what the Internet was made for. Shameless self-promotion. Photographs of yourself in various poses and outfits. And ultimately, fanboying your way into the heart of Marc Jacobs.


You might have seen Bryan Boy on the homepage of the New York Times, or the windows of Canadian department store Holt Renfrew. He’s the fashion blogger who now sits front row, next to Anna Wintour, at runway shows in Milan. But he’s been slaving over (mostly) women’s fashion for years; only recently has his star been on the rise.

Reading his blog in excess of one hour might turn you off to this Manila wunderkind, who went from posting to his site from home to traipsing around the world at the behest of fashion designers and magazines. But Bryan Boy represents everything we expect from, and respect in the self-made Fabul-atti: Sporting women’s high-heeled boots and the latest Louis Vuitton on his shoulder, he’s never pretended to appreciate more than the materialism God has afforded him.

Or the attention of Marc Jacobs, the LVMH designer who recently named a bag after Bryan Boy.

And at last, they have met.

His writing and interests are the thing of true escapism. But what does “escapism” mean to Bryan Boy? Slumming it in Detroit, as he is below — although you’ll have to let him explain what he’s doing in Motor City.


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  • terrwill

    Christian Siriano wanna be…………

  • JR

    I refuse to take fashion advise from a hot mess who can’t even dress himself! Come on with this BS! How do these people get this far up to the A Listers in the first place??? Is being a pushy, talentless hack the one true path to celebrity nirvana??? GACK!!!

  • dick head



  • scott ny'er

    the fashion world is truly an alien world.

  • Sara Joyce

    If you’re going to take pics of yourself trying to look cute in front of your raggedy car, at least clean the trash out of it.

  • GoKitty

    I’m fairly sure Bryanboy’s blog existed before Christian Sirriano on PR. Even so, Christian looks butch compared to Bryanboy.

    I’ve been reading his blog for years, and yes recently, he’s started jetsetting to shows but he’s been blogging about fashion for a long time. Like all things in fashion though, his presence at shows will become passe.

    And that is not his car. Its some random car in Detroit he posed with. Bryanboy actually has a driver in the Phillipines.

  • Lukas P.

    Is s/he or it a sad and sickly joke? Where is the “fashion” in anything he is wearing/portraying? The “outfits” portrayed here look like rejects from the drama club costume department at an all-girls’ school.

    On to the next Faux Celebrity profile, please.

  • FakeName

    Oh joy, just what the world needs, another skinny self-annointed “fashionista” twerp. Next!

  • eric

    LOVE bb. he is hilarious and, yes, been around for years before christian siriano.

  • romeo

    I like clothes and consider myself something of a modest fashionista. However, my attitude when I go to the shops is pretty unforgiving. Here in L.A., and in New York too, there is a lot of amateurish crap that gets a big name because there isn’t enough discernment. When I’m slapping down my money I don’t work for the designer, he works for ME, and he damn well better make me look good. That’s the bottom line on fashion if it’s fun, or interesting, or resonant, AND it makes you look good, then it’s a success.

  • sal(the original)

    he must have some dough…gosh i wonder if a poor fashionista can make it?doubt

  • John Michael

    Wow there a lot of negative responses. Can anyone explain why they feel like being so negative?

  • ossurworld

    This guy makes Bruno look sexy.

  • stryker

    You guys should try reading his website before passing judgement. It’s less of a things-you-would-actually wear fashion blog and more of watching trends.

    Get passed the irony and you would find that BB is very self-deprecating and is always the first to express surprise at his success. What I take from his blog isn’t so much what new thing to buy but solid entertainment & the continuous message of having courage to assert ones identity in the face of societal pressures to conform.

    All of his success is due to his growing & faithful readers. I have to admit I’m a bit jealous. You’d be surprised at all of the hot guys who send him half naked pics of themselves.

  • mike

    Cannot stand these posers. Nor can I stand the fashion industry in general with its assortment of appearance fascists in search of a buck.

  • Lukas P.

    @Stryk #14 — OK, you’re right, I should’ve read some of his website before passing judgement.

    Despite my dislike for the trappings of fashion, if Bryan B. can make himself a name by doing something different/better than other commentators, well, good for him.

  • sal(the original)

    yeah but is he rich?or from a well off family?sounds like he’s can buy these things,i guess,i wonder if that’s why they like him cause he could buy their stuff as opposed to a not so well off person that wanted to do what he does

  • mojojojo

    I think he is as cute as a button!

  • Toro Castano

    I’ve been a fan and follower of BB’s blog for years. I really enjoy his cheeky send up writing style and I applaud him for making it to the front row. Also nice to see an asian sister making it online.

  • SG

    I love his blog. He’s so cool.

  • TheAwfulTruth

    i cringe when I see people like Marc Jacobs and this so-called fashionista. Ugh, please, go away. You are an embarrassment.

  • Tempo

    What I really find appalling is how quick you people are to pass judgement based on this one picture. Do you need to be catty so badly that you can’t even take a second to look at what he offers. Ew, guys.

  • Rick

    I am not familiar at all with his gig, but am living for his success. go ‘head.

    Haters bore the ass off me.

  • RichardIII

    Sycophants bore the ass off me.

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