Dear Gay Santa,

Everyone at Queerty, our sister site LGBTQ Nation and our parent company Q.Digital, has been incredibly naughty relatively nice this year. We’ve worked very hard to keep our readers up-to-date with the important news stories and the great strides made in achieving equality. We’ve also applauded all the notable folks who’ve come out this year (like this one and even this one and even these two) and we’ve hissed at all the silly haters in 2015. So now it’s payback time and we’ve compiled a list of things we want for Christmas. We tried not to be too selfish. Before you criticize us for being superficial, know that we also want world peace, an end to disease and famine and um…oh yeah, a Democrat in the oval office for eight more years.

Happy holigays!

The Queerty, LGBTQ Nation, GayCities and Q.Digital staff

Pour yourself another spiked egg nog and scroll down for our lists.

Scott Gatz, GayCities, Inc. Founder & CEO:

apple tv

Apple TV

Upgraded recently, this new version lets you add apps, play games, and use Siri to search for movies and music. I’m living more and more “unplugged” from cable, and with a Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go subscription I can watch pretty much everything right on a big screen TV.  Still waiting for Amazon to add their app so I can watch Transparent in my living room.

Jake Myers, Account Manager for Queerty and GayCities:


Filtron Cold Brew Concentrate Brewer


Nomad’s Wallet for iPhone

Derek de Koff, LGBTQ Nation Editor:



This beeping, bleeping crazed beast of a machine features multi-touch technology that lets you capture three dimensions of your finger’s movements polyphonically, for a greater degree of musical expression. So I can upset more neighbors, make the children weep and have even more control over the tortuous cacophony I create when it’s time for that trick to get out of my house.

Bil Browning, Founder of Bilerico, Queerty and LGBTQ Nation contributing writer:


The American Suit from Bonobos

Every man needs a good suit. I have one old suit I’ve worn repeatedly for years. It’s time to invest in a new one, so why not get one from Bonobos? It’s sharp and cut specifically for the purchaser’s fit.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.46.03 PM

A week’s vacation at the Numero Uno Guest House in San Juan

Because sunshine. Beaches. Warm weather. Pina coladas. Hot guys. And, oh, so much delicious food.

Graham Gremore, Queerty contributing writer:


I first discovered this sweatshirt at Cher’s online store last December, but it sold out before I had a chance to order one. This year, I was thrilled to see it was back! But when I went to order it, it was sold out again. So can someone please get me this sweatshirt?


Because even though she drives me crazy, I still love her, and I want to know every single thing about her.

Tim Winfred, Founder, Dragaholic, Q.Digital Social Media director:


The Diva Rules by Michelle Visage

This is the perfect gift for the divas in your life. I picked up a copy of this book for myself and, after just a few chapters, I already feel like my diva light is shining brighter. Just remember, “Bitches and divas are not the same thing… bitchiness comes from a place of insecurity, but being a diva comes from a place of strength and love.”


A Subscription to Sock Fancy

Socks are the new tie, and you can never go wrong with a fun pair! This monthly subscription is a great gift idea for that colorful person in your life. You might even want to sign up for yourself.


A Subscription to MunchPak

OK, so clearly I love monthly subscription boxes… but if you’re looking to buy a gift for somebody who enjoys snacking, then I promise you they will love MunchPak. Every month they’ll receive a package in the mail with a selection of sweet and savory snack from around the world. I just signed up and my first pack included treats from Germany, England, Poland, Israel and Turkey. Yummy!

Dan Tracer, Editor, Queerty:


The Twin Peaks Box Set

To prepare myself for the imminent return of Twin Peaks to Showtime, I humbly request this “definitive gold box edition” (whatever that means) of the show’s first two seasons.


Who am I kidding? I’ll just watch seasons one and two of the David Lynch cult classic on Netflix. Speaking of which, I’d like someones Netflix, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime and Hulu+ logins…for life. Merry Christmas.

Chris Bull, Q.Digital Co-Founder & Editorial Director:

Since my friends joke that I have too much clothing, and they are not really joking, this year the goal of this fashion queen is to meet and interview two of my fave designers, Boris Bidjan Saberi and Ria Dunn of Lost & Found. Here’s Boris preparing a model in a BBS leather jacket for the runway, followed by one of Ria’s rumpled suits for Spring 2016.


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.12.25 PM

Jeremy Kinser, Managing Editor, Queerty:

Charles Levier

Charles Levier’s “High Fashion French Women”

I’m a longtime admirer of the mid-century artist Charles Levier, whose paintingshave adorned the walls in homes owned by Frank Sinatra, Adlai Stevenson and Baron de Rothschild. At $3K, this ethereal portrait of two French mademoiselles est tres expensive, but I’m worth it art is a great investment.


Lifestyle Illustrations of the ’50s and 60s

As noted above, I’m a tad fascinated by art from the mid-twentieth century and I’m still going through Mad Men withdrawal so these two lavish tomes of gorgeous color magazine illustrations from the leading graphic artists of the 1950s and ’60s will offer a quick fix. Actually, I want two copies of each because every page in these books deserves to be cut out and framed.

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