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  • laysgays

    these people are scum, why didn’t the shooter attack these people?

    though since i am an optimist i’ll say this…my favorite part was “mouthy witch, sarah palin”

  • Queer Supremacist

    I’m praying for copycat crimes against the Phelpses.

    It’s getting clearer and clearer that Hitler killed the wrong people.

  • B

    No. 1 · laysgays wrote, “these people are scum, why didn’t the shooter attack these people?”

    He didn’t attack them due to “professional courtesy”: they are as crazy as he is!

  • PopSnap

    These people and others like them have done more for our cause than HRC, PFLAG, GLAAD, & Lambda Legal have combined.

    They show the “eh, I believe in God/go to Church, but I’m not nutty about it” casual believers whom populate the vast majority of the religious landscape in this country that these are the ones who are truly ugly and perverse, not their nice gay co-worker or the gay couple on Modern Family.

  • David

    They make the best case against Christianity of almost anyone. They are to Christianity what Tom Cruise is to Scientology. Both are the macabre marketing department for their bizarre cults.

  • Alex

    Those poor, poor families. As if it were not enough of a tragedy to have family member die, now they have to deal with THIS?

    & if Fred Phelps stoops so low as to picket at a 9-year-old’s funeral, I will SEVERELY injure him.

  • Daez

    Sin and baby killing? I guess they overlook the fact that ACCORDING to them, GOD CHOSE TO KILL A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL IN THIS CASE. Seriously, they honestly believe that God chose to kill a nine year old because obviously she had sins that she couldn’t overcome at NINE FUCKING YEARS OLD.

    How long until we strip this groups right to call itself a religious group and call it the cult that it actually is. They have already lost all credibility as a religious institution. Its time we round them up and put them in jail for inciting violence. Its time we all diverge on Westboro and start picketing WBC day and night. This has to end, and its not going to end until we use our right to protest against this group to the point where they don’t even want to leave their own church.

    For the first time ever, I’m actually going to start supporting hate speech laws if it shuts up stupidity like this.

    If God really worked how Freddie claims he does, he would have sent his angels to swoop Freddie up into the great spaceship in the sky by now.

  • the crustybastard


    Read the Bible, sport. God kills TONS of kids. Floods, Egypt’s firstborn, plagues, tribal exterminations, bear attacks, military massacres, city destructions, etc. God slowly killed David’s newborn over the course of 7 days and had David’s wives publicly raped for David’s misbehavior.

    Not saying it’s okay, just saying it’s in the Bible. Bible God is a dick.

  • Dali

    I believe a GOOD WAY to PAY RESPECT to the victims of this tragedy and their family is to NOT COMMENT ON THAT “CHURCH”.

    Let’s not give IT more attention than it deserves!

  • Fern

    Geez, this motherfucker is still alive?

  • T. finn

    This is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard. This guy should be in a mental hospital. Why are we not picketing this horrible cult. How on Earth can a 9 year old child have any sin? If you believe in such crap. None of us are sinners, we are people who are living and learning. This is not about values of any kind, it is about a twisted crazy cult of people who have warped any sense of reality into some kind of horror film. These are very dangerous people, and they need to be stopped before they take it to the next level. Unfortunately his two daughters have law degrees, and they know just how far they can take it before it is against the law. That being said, with hate speech, how much is too much before they get into trouble. We need a federal law that limits this type of speech. Should all speech be protected in America? One can’t yell fire in a crowded theater, but they can spew, “God hates fags,” and nothing can be done. I am for shutting these people down once and for all through legal means.

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