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WATCH: Anderson Cooper On Vacation With Ben Maisani And Andy Cohen

A video has surfaced showing Anderson Cooper with alleged ex-boyfriend Ben Maisani, alleged current boyfriend Andy Cohen and the greatest hag in the world, Kelly Ripa, on vacation together in Croatia.

Anderson Cooper may have gotten more than he bargained for when he came out last month, effectively putting his personal life on blast. After longtime boyfriend Ben Maisani was captured locking lips with a lustful lothario, many assumed that he and the silver fox had called it quits. Anderson had apparently ended their rumored engagement, kicking Maisani off the yacht he was sharing with bff Kelly Ripa and noted house-husband, Marc Consuelos, en route to Croatia.

However the video above shows the five of them arriving in Dubrovnik on August 18 with Rihanna’s “We Found Love” blasting in the background. Symbolism, perhaps? Have Cooper and Maisani found love in a hopeless place? And how does Andy Cohen fit into this scenario? More importantly, how does Marc Consuelos fit into this scenario? We have some ideas, but they quickly devolve into a porn titled, Anderson Cooper 3-69.

Anyway, check out the video and see for yourself.

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  • Kim

    Much ado about nothing ago Ben and AC broke up weeks they are still friends, they were never engaged.

  • Kelly

    @Kim: So that means they are no longer having gay sex with each other?

  • Kim

    @Kelly: I dont know about that, I know they can see other people like guy with Ben in pics.I dont know if AC is dating Andy.I know they are best friends .Andy is not really AC’s type he usually likes muscular, dark features, more masculine types but people change, I guess.As for Ben I was told he moved to his own place but he still goes to gym with AC when he can.As for your question I dont know if they are friends w benefits.

  • cam

    It could be possible that Andy Cohen is….(Gasp) a FRIEND traveling with them.

    Besides, he has to be sleeping with that guy Madison from “Million Dollar Listing” otherwise I can think of no other reason he is still on that show.

    AS for Cooper and his friend or boyfriend or whereever/whatever. Hope he enjoys the trip. Croatia is supposed to be beautiful.

  • hf2hvit

    So when does Rippa spend time with her husband and kids???

  • Jenny

    AC lost credibility a long, long time ago. The second he hooked up with Ripa, I knew he was no longer a journalist. I couldn’t care less about any of them, I think they all
    lack talent.

  • Kim

    @hf2hvit: Mark is there too pics on AC instagram

  • Brian Dutille

    I like Andy and enjoy Bravo and “Watch What Happens Live!” Frankly, what people do in their personal life is their own business. Will say I have Andy Cohen sure does get a lot of vacation time. More than most Americans. GEEZ!!

  • mc

    Diane Von Furstenberg was supposedly also on vacation with them. It was her yacht. She wrote on Twitter yesterday: “Enjoying the last days of holiday in the clear blue water of Croatia ! love Diane ” And attached a photo.

  • mc

    Also in the video, they accuse Mark (they call him AC’s bodyguard) of attacking the photographers. Mark’s the one running.

  • realgay

    Andy Cohen said he wants JewFK Jr. so I don’t think he’s dating Anderson who is not Jewish. Andy Cohen has vacationed with Kelly Ripa and her husband many times before. You know every gay person said there was nothing to worry about for Anderson to come out that his reasons for staying private were unfounded. Well now that he’s out the media have an interest in his personal life like never before. Even in Croatia away from usual paparazzi hangouts he’s been followed. I was one of the few people even in the days before he came out that said he should come out when he wants to come out.

  • bee

    On DL there was a post about a month before Anderson came out saying that he was going to make a big announcement and he did, there was also another post saying something was going to happen with AC around August 11 and then the pics of Ben and that guy showed up. Now someone has said on DL that this whole thing with the pics has just been something they cooked up to distract from their wedding that’s supposed to take place on the 25th in the Hamptons. Maybe, maybe not, but so far the DL predictions have been right.

  • craig

    @bee: DL has always had a huge number of predictions, claims and rumors about Anderson that prove false. Once and a while something proves accurate, but with the couple of predictions it could be mostly chance.

    There’s no way Anderson would arrange the make out pics intentionally as a distraction. That story isn’t a distraction from what they get up to as a couple, it’s the opposite and has focused a lot of attention on them as a couple and what their status will be. The pics and media hub bub around them have put more attention on them as a couple than there has ever been so now they would be less able to keep a wedding below the radar and there would be big discussions in the media and forums over whether people agreed with Anderson’s decision to hitch with this guy in light of the pics and how this might reflect on gay marriage.

  • bee

    @craig, I understand your point, but it’s odd when a prediction has a DATE mentioned and then something actually DOES happen that’s big news at the exact same time (Ben kissy pics). I think there are people who are close to the situation who turn up on these websites and post info for whatever reason.

  • craig

    @bee: “Something” will happen “somewhere around the 11th” is incredibly vague. There were so many predictions, changing or forgotten about when they prove wrong, that something thrown against the wall would eventually have to be sort of kind of on the mark. And unless the person saying something will happen around the 11th is the same person making a claim about the wedding is the same person the accuracy of one prediction does nothing for the credibility of the other.

    A claim about Anderson arranging the photos looks exactly like it is some made up thing by someone who can’t handle the idea that they may not fit that person’s image of a perfect couple and that the wedding rumors were probably all fiction.

  • Rockery

    Anderson, Andy and Ben are all washed up. Now if Mark is getting in the mix, that is something I would look forward to!

  • WashingtonHeightsBOTTOM

    If they have nothing to hide, why did they blocked this video so fast ??? mmmmmm
    sometimes being in the closet for soooo loooong make’s you addicted to secrets

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