Anti-Gay Activists Protest Candidate’s Church

A group of anti-gay activists in Sacramento, California, lack two things: foresight and logic.

The crowd of about fifteen gathered outside Mayoral candidate Kevin Johnson’s church this weekend to protest his support for the state’s gay marriage laws. Though he personally defines marriage as one man and one woman, Johnson, a former NBA player, has come out against the prohibitive Proposition 8, which he says would “write discrimination into the constitution.”

Obviously this irks the protesters, who wanted to give Johnson a piece of their mind. Unfortunately for them, Johnson was out of town on Sunday and missed the action. They probably should have checked his schedule, huh?

As for the lack of logic – the group refuses to back Johnson’s opponent, mayor Heather Fargo, because she also doesn’t support Proposition 8.

So, rather than voting for either one of the candidates, this group of fifteen are urging their peers to simply write in any old candidate, which basically guarantees either Fargo or Johnson will win. Idiots.