Anti-Gay “Celebrities” Lisa Whelchel And Jeff Kent Join “Survivor: Philippines”

Retired baseballer Jeff Kent and Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel are among the castaways in Survivor: Philippines, the 312th season of the reality competition. But in addition to being famous (Kent for being a home-run king, Welchel for playing spoiled Blair Warner), the two contestants share another trait: They both stand against the LGBT community.

In 2008, Kent, who played second baseman for both the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, cut a check for $15,000 to support California’s odious Proposition 8.

Whelchel—who probably would have done the same if she had $15K lying around—has been open about being a fundamentalist Christian since the end of her hit sitcom (and her career). On her website, Whelchel told a mother worried her son might be gay that, “if a person desires, it is possible to leave behind a homosexual lifestyle. I know this is true because I’ve seen it come true in the lives of many of my friends. Thousands have been helped, loved, and supported by websites such as Exodus [International] and the many ministries they recommend.”

Whelchel actually took the post down, but thanks to the magic of the Interwebs, you can still find her comment online. She also claims her appearance on the show was the result of an online campaign by her fans (snicker).

There appears to be at least one queer competitor this season, maybe more—we pray to whatever island gods exist that they take down these has-beens—and taken ’em down hard.


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  • Kev C

    What sort of wastrels even watch this show? I’m sure ant-wrestling would be a better use of your time.

  • Larkin

    This whore needs to go back to nowhere again. Jo will come and kick your ass!

  • Gigi Gee

    @Larkin: And Jerry Jewel, who played Jo’s cousin on the show.

  • Spike

    I’m confused, is this a celebrity Survivor or are these two so desperate and so at the end of the d list that they are on the show with a bunch of nobodies? No point in watching the show esp when Queerty will cover every last episode and every anti-gay statement made.

    Gotta give the haters as much publicity possible, right Queerty?

  • Charli Girl

    She’s still HOT!!! Hee Hee maybe she’ll change her mind, wink wink Lisa poo

  • Cam

    I’m curious, Dancing with the Stars has Tom Delay and Bristol Palin, This show is having these two anti-gay folks on. Rencently Kurt Cameron’s career got a boost by multiple channels giving him publicity for his views.

    Is there a coordinated effort to get these nutjobs on the air or something?

    If they had to have somebody from Facts of Life, hell, put Mindy Cohen on. She was recently in a gay movie and in an interview about it had a fun filthy sense of humor. Much more fun on TV then this woman talking about how Jesus must love her because her toe fungus cleared up.

  • Alexa

    @Spike: not a Celebrity Survivor, just two has beens in need of publicity and money. They’ve had a couple of ex-sports people on there before, but I don’t recall offhand any “actors” (and I use that term very loosely). Hopefully they will be among the first to go.

  • Spike

    @Alexa: Thanks for clarifying. Wow, that’s desperate x 1,000, both for her and Survivor. Haven’t watched the show in years, won’t really care if/when she or anyone else is voted off.

    Hmm, it’s staged in the Philippines huh, wonder if they will have them eating dog at any point in the competition?

  • Charlie in Charge

    Fortunately Welchel’s Facts of Life co-star Mindy Cohn is a big fan of the ‘mos and made the gay film (ok fruit fly film) Violet Tendencies.

  • RomanHans

    I’m with you, Cam. It’s fine to hire “controversial” contestants, but not contestants who are actively anti-gay, like these two idiots and Bristol Palin. That’s why Bristol Palin is returning to Dancing With The Stars: she stirred up “controversy,” not boycotts. We need to collectively refuse to watch this crap so they don’t get more exposure and more cash.

  • Cee

    I went to Lisa Whelchel’s twitter. She actually has around 25,000 followers. Shocking.

  • smartguyd

    Is it just me or does Blair look like someone hit her in the face with a frying pan a couple of times.

  • dvlaries

    Never watched Survivor -or any reality TV- and never will, not even for the opportunity to stew in anger at a couple has-been haters.

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