Are Manhunt’s Ads So Ambiguous That Straight Women Think They Should Sign On? Yes, Actually

How do we know New York City’s Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen neighborhoods are being taken over by the breeders? Because straight women, after seeing‘s telephone booth ads up and down 8th Avenue and elsewhere, have been signing on to the website in hopes of finding a date. And when they find out the site is only for guys interested in “j/o oral 69 – 4 NOW” and “PNP, SAFE ONLY strict top,” they are emailing costumer service to complain.

We hear that Manhunt’s parent company Online Buddies has been fielding emails from New York’s straight lady set, upset they didn’t just stumble upon the next JDate. And while some Manhunt ads are overtly gay (like the one here, on LA’s Sunset Boulevard), we can see why some of them are a touch confusing: Cute guys spread eagle begging for your attention? Who cares if the billboard is right in front of a sex shop selling fisting lube by the case?

Which brings us back to our point from earlier today: If straight websites have to allow gays, is Manhunt going to have to allow hetero gals to get in on the “no fats, femmes, or freaks” wagon?

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  • CajunBoyLgb

    It’s just like a straight woman, isn’t it? They see a guy with something that they want to change, and their ovaries just start throbbing with that “I MUST TAKE THAT MAN ON AS A PROJECT” supercharged estrogen.

    All the time. He laughs at “Three Stooges” films. He talks loudly while eating and sprays food all over the place. He belches and farts around her friends. She’s always having to knock strange guys’ dicks out of his mouth and/or ass so he can take her shopping.

    Ladies– give us a break. I’m a cock gargler and proud of it. The guys on the MANHUNT posters take it up the ass– sometimes several times a day– and they’re proud of it. Like Oprah says, “You GO, girl!” And far away. Please.

  • Erik A

    I’m a gay man who lives in HK and quite frankly I hate the ads. As if anyone living in Chelsea or HK actually needs to see an ad on the corner to know about manhunt.

  • Bayonet

    Manhunt Morons.

  • Toby

    I agree with Erik. Manhunt has been around since 2002 and they are advertising in Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen? They can’t be going after the gays. We have been there and done Manhunt. Next.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Manhunt is full of hustlers, like Adam4Adam!

  • scott ny'er

    Hilarious!!! I can see the confusion for the poor ladies.

  • hyhybt

    “…they are emailing costumer service to complain.”

    I’d never thought about that sort of thing, but if I had, I’d have assumed that any costumes involved would be supplied by either you or your date, not Manhunt itself.

  • Emm

    @CajunBoyLgb: Hate women much?

  • Jeff

    I think Manhunt’s street campaign is genius! Sorry Ladies! :-)

  • Bill

    straight folks are out of their fucking minds.


    out of their FUCKING minds.

    and to Emm @ No. 8, I would tread lightly while speaking about hate.

    Your side invented it, after all.

  • CajunBoyLgb

    @Emm: “No sense of humor” much, dumbass?!?

    Who pissed in YOUR Carnation Instant Cunt this morning?!

  • Eric

    Manhunt is oppressive…sexual addiction, self-hatred and the shackles of body image, extreme isolation and disassociation. No thanks.

  • hardmannyc

    I’d like to know how you “know” this. Sounds like b.s. — or maybe 3 woman called and you spun a story.

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