As If You Needed Proof That Europe Kicked America’s Butt In Gay Rights

THE SHOT – As the world waits to hear the fate of Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill, The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association provides this handy map showing which countries offer persecution, protection, and recognition of LGBT equality around the world (big version here. Note America’s drag grey color while most of Europe shines in blue and green. Oh well, at least we have better cheeseburgers (FML).

Via Unicorn Booty

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  • dazzer

    you have Whitecastle fat bombs. You don’t have better burgers, either. Sorry.

  • Sparky

    This is two years old and outdated

  • Shamrock

    Completely outdated. The 2009 indication up top should have been the first clue.

  • Alvaro

    South America looks much greener now, with Argentina getting marriage equality and Brazil getting civil unions.

  • Tallskin

    And hasn’t India recently decriminalised homosexuality?

  • TampaZeke

    This map is outdated. Portugal, Iceland and Argentina have full marriage. Ireland has civil unions and India had decriminalized homosexuality.

  • ChrisC

    This is outdated. Argentina, Iceland, Portugal and Washington DC have all since legalized Gay Marriage. India legalized homosexuality and South Sudan has since gotten independance and as of this summer it will no longer be punished with the death penalty there. Not to mention the places that have legalized civil unions.

  • Javier Soria

    I am Argentine, and this info is outdated, in Argentina the gay rights as clearly protected, and de same sex marriage is law. In all country the gay marriage is protected under law. And, like ChrisC says, other countries are more avanced in this subject.

  • fagburn

    May 2009 – welcome to the new Queerty!

  • Seandee

    whether it is current (thanks for the link) or 2 years old, there is not enough green on there. Canada passed gay marriage LONG ago, only days after Spain was the first and, honestly to my American friends, no one cared. Why do you let your politicians make such a big deal of it? If marriage were such a sacred institution, divorce would be outlawed.
    Though it is nice to see more countries changing laws, it is sad to see the USA still on par with the brilliant moral leaders that are China, India and Central Africa.

  • abcDario

    I am from Colombia an i am glad we are there :D, but it is sad things are not that colorful as you may think. It is just a court sentence, but there is no real law that protect our laws.

  • Jeffree

    Great reporting! Whenever I need to get “world updates” that are TWO years old. Queerty will be the first place I check!

    New Tagline: “All the News We Forgot to Tell You in 2009!”

    Better yet: “We Don’t Care About Staying Up to Date, So Why Should You?”

  • jason

    Europe is not the shining light it claims to be. Only a few countries in Europe offer gay marriage, for instance.

  • Ron

    @Sean: thanks for the link, Sean. much appreciated. to those kibbitzing, get a life.

  • declanto

    @jason: You are soooo lame!

  • AxelDC

    North America would look pretty bleak without Canada.

  • Casper_O


    No it is not two years old, Sweden gave us full marriage rights less than two years ago. Actually we could get legally married, but now churches have to marry us, hehe…

  • Jim Jackson

    Ummm… forget Europe kicking your butt. Just look north to your neighbour Canada! I’m a proud Canadian that appreciates that we have equal rights in this country. I’d never want to live in the States! But it’s a nice place to visit though! :)

  • Kris

    Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia…now if that doesn’t get you out of your car and walking, I don’t know what will??

  • holycrap69696969

    If the teabaggers and “christian right” had their way then the U.S. would also be red on that map.

    It just shows that the U.S. is as socially backward as these third world shitholes

  • Sean

    Forget Europe, how about your next door neighbor, Canada! How can two counties who are so closely tied together have such different views?????

  • xalomio


    its cuz americans are idiots

  • Jeffree

    @jason: the preferred term, (for those of us not required to take Haldol three times a day) isn’t “gay marriage,” but rather “same-sex marriage,” or better yet, “marriage equality.”

    Wake up, smell the café, and welçome to 2001!

    There’s a whole new world beyond that “special place” where you are forced to reside. One day, if the chief allows it, you may get to discôver it ! Highly unlikely, but it’s important for people like you to have goals, ain’t it?]

  • arubano

    Update the Map!! Even dictatorial Venezuela is more open than the US, Mexico it’s ok to marry, even in the Caribbean, Aruba, Dutch Island they recognized gay marriages and in Bonaire you can marry!! Argentina legalized and in Portugal too… latest update comes from Brazil, the hight percentage of gay population in Latin America!

  • David Gervais

    I’m submitting this as an example of European attitudes to Diversity. It’s off topic, but fun.
    This is a song that was Malta’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest a couple of days ago:
    As far as I know, the singer is not gay, but obviously understands inclusiveness.

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