Back To School Nightmare: The Professor Who Thinks Being Gay Is Like Smoking Or Obesity

4966259“Why is it acceptable for insurance companies to discriminate against smokers and the obese but not homosexuals?” ponders Conservative columnist and professor Walter Williams in a recent article appropriately titled Things I don’t understand.

“[Being gay is] a lifestyle shortening of life expectancy greater than obesity and tobacco use,” Williams writes as his foot, unbeknownst to him, lodges itself deeper and deeper into his mouth. “Yet one never hears of insurance companies advertising lower premiums for heterosexual men.”

Williams cites a decades-old study as the backbone to his wildly stupid remarks. In the early ’90s, The International Journal of Epidemiology published findings that HIV reduced life expectancy of gay men by 8 to 20 years.

Antigay buffoons love to cite it despite the fact that the researches have acknowledged in recent years that modern medicine has improved drastically. They’ve also spoken publicly about their disappointment that it’s used as ammo for ill-informed haters.

Williams points out the researchers’ backpedaling, but wouldn’t you know it — he finds a way to lie about that too, claiming:

“The publication had to soft-pedal its study results because of complaints that pointing out life expectancy differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals had become fuel for homophobia.”

An assertion he bases on, well, nothing.

“The bottom line is that homosexuals have far greater political power and sympathy than smokers and the obese” he concludes.

Raw Story was first to comment on Williams’ steaming pile of word vomit, aptly pointing out:

“A more recent study by the Mailman School of Public Health found that LGBT people who lived in communities with high levels of anti-gay prejudice live an average of 12 years less than those who live in less prejudiced communities.

Another recent study found that conservative attitudes increased the risk of suicide for LGBT teens by 20 percent.

While smoking and even obesity can be eliminated through individual actions, Williams fails to note the mountains of scientific evidence against conversion therapy for LGBT people.”

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  • Saint Law

    The prat would be less embarrassing if he sh*t in his knickers and then wore them over his head.

    Was the right-wing always this moronic? I mean they were always evil granted, but were they really always given to making such abject displays of themselves?

    As a kid I remember thinking conservatism was some kind of philosophy, however objectionable. Now it seems a pathology.

  • Rational

    Using Walter Williams’ logic, wouldn’t it also be wise for Insurance Companies NOT to insure persons of African American decent, or any dark skinned person, because statistics show they are more likely to be shot by police, store security, or vigilante whites. This kind of shooting causing death, is an unnatural death, which would cause insurers to pay ‘double indemnity’ on any life insurance polities? I wonder if Walter Williams took that into consideration?

  • Desert Boy

    What a clown. This moron shouldn’t be a professor — he should be picking cotton.

  • Cam

    In the U.S. blacks on the whole currently have a lower life expectancy. So by this guys logic, it should be ok to discriminate against race?

    The desperation of these bigots to justify hate and bigotry without having to admit that they are hateful bigots is almost laughable.

  • Kieran

    Keep it up Walter and you’ll end up with your own Fox News show.

  • hassia

    Queerty is so predictable, one only has to have one black person saying anything against the LGBTQ community and all of a sudden we become monolithic or Chicago crimes are brought into the conversation to justify their comments. Funny when I see reports from Russia/Catholic church/Michelle Bachmann/ and their treatment of gays I do not think all white people are Neanderthals.

  • ChiChi Man

    @hassia: Exactly. Should we curse all Whites for the Louisiana decision that upheld the marriage equality ban? Maybe we should. ALL of the laws that discriminate against LGBT people in this country and almost all of the discriminatory laws in the world have been written by white people. Almost all discriminatory laws in Africa and Asia were written by white colonists. Even the recent Uganda law was crafted by a white American.

    For Desert Boy, re the cotton comment – how apt. The worst bigots in the pre-Civil War South were poor, uneducated Southern whites who were too dumb to know that their true enemies were the wealthy plantation owners who enslaved them economically. Sound familiar?


    I think where ever he is a professor should can his ass, unless it’s Pat Robert’s U.

  • JJ24

    @hassia: I believe what those mentioning crimes were trying to say it that this mans line of logic is the same of those who justify those crimes.

    Bigotry whether race based or sexuality based is not ok.

  • DickieJohnson

    Bigoted, dumb-f*ck, stupidity knows no color or race. Nowadays, Blacks get to be bigots, too, for equally ignorant reasons, such as that “abomination” Bible bullsh*t, even popular among Black Dems, hence the passage of Mississippi’s most recent discriminatory law.

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