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  • NG

    judging from the photos, it would appear a majority of those who attended were bused in and didn’t have a choice.

  • Dick Mills

    One of the news reports (on the Christian ???? News Network) did say that they were bused in. From the pictures as well, it looks like many of them were packin’ oxygen tanks. And most of the others were too feeble to stand for the hour or so that they were there.

    They must have emptied just about every resthome in Oklahoma to put butts in those seats. . . probably had to have a small army of EMTs on standby just incase any hearts needed a kick-start.

    Dick Mills

  • Anon

    “They must have emptied just about every resthome in Oklahoma to put butts in those seats.”


  • Alvin

    As someone who actually attended the event, I can attest that per the Capital Patrol Officers who maintain order at such events, there were 1,500 to 2,000 people in attendance from toddlers to seniors.

    Contrast those numbers with the 60 or so reported by those who were present to observe the protest of Sally’s comments, and these numbers reflect proportionaly the percentage of the gay community in the population.

    As someone who has had access to the e-mails sent to Sally, it is clear which side of this discourse is hate speech. The vile names, suggested harm, and death threats show the true nature of those of whom Sally was discussing in the forum from which her words were taken out of context.

    Why is it that the poster on YouTube did not simply submit the speech in its entirety? Because in its entirity, Sally relates her love for those who are struggling with homosexuality on an individual basis. That shows the hypocrisy of those who do not want the truth of her message to be heard. They want to censor her. How tolerant is that?

    Her comments were directed to the often militant homosexual lobby, and their efforts to defeat quality candidates who stand for the traditional values upon which our great nation was founded.

    Like Sally, I love and care for those who are struggling with homosexuality. I have lost too many friends far too early in life to AIDS as a result of the lifestyle.

    Further, as Sally has alluded, we are all sinners. I struggle daily with my own fallen nature. But, I strive to identify my sinful behaviors, and through the Lord’s help, I turn 180 degrees from that behavior and choose to behave differently even if my nature is to sin.

    I realize my thoughts won’t be popular here, but I do want people to know that Christians don’t hate homosexuals, and certainly are not afraid of them. We realize it is a difficult thing to deal with, but just like the fact that I don’t want to suppress your free-speech rights, I encourage you to be tolerant (in the true sense of the word) of opposing viewpoints without being hateful or degrading.

    Blessings to all!

  • ajax

    “Struggling with homosexuality”? Let me tell you, if your struggling with homosexuality, you’re doing something wrong. It isn’t a struggle at all. It’s entirely natural and normal.

  • Anon

    Agreed that being gay isn’t a struggle at all. The true struggle is being gay in a society that isn’t accepting, and that struggle can be extremely damaging. Rejoice, the world is changing – much faster than I think anyone expected. At the end of the last century (less than 10 years ago!), this kind of progress wasn’t anticipated until the middle of this century. And it seems to be the ENTIRE world moving forward all at once, not just the US or western nations.

  • Dick Mills

    Well, Alvin, when someone like the helmet-haired hatemonger professes that they love everyone, and then goes on to prove with the rest of their words that they don’t, they tend to lack a little in the credibility department.

    And, I too have lost many friends to AIDS, but one thing that the lying liars like Sally Kern don’t say (because it isn’t politically expedient for them to do so) is that worldwide over 85% of all new HIV/AIDS cases are due to heterosexual sexual contact. In the US 31% of new cases are between breeders breeding.

    This disease doesn’t usually manifest until 10 years later, and the HIV going around today is much more drug resistant. If you think that the gay community has been hit hard by HIV, just wait a few years.

    Dick Mills

  • CitizenGeek

    The opinions expressed by Alvin on this comment board utterly appall me. I’m so thankful that I live in Europe, where religion is mostly about helping others, caring for the poor and the sick, education and promoting love. US Christians are not real Christians, they are disgusting, hate-mongering cowards afraid of something they don’t even care to understand.

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