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  • OrchidIslander

    No matter what you think of Barack Obama, last time I checked he was still a “he” and had not yet morphed into an “its.”

    Spell checker is a marvelous and free tool. It can turn that “thaw” into “that.” Unless you’re Tweety, of course, and you “thaw” a puddey tat….

    Honestly Queerty, I’m not sure what is worse. Your most-of-the- time meritless attacks on Obama – or the quality of your editing.

    The fact that the latter is sometimes so awful, it makes dismissing the former so much easier.

    Why don’t you ever enlighten us on how much better our lives would have been under a McCain/Palin Administration?

  • jason

    So he’s going to waste 4 billion dollars of our money? Way to go, Fraud-bama.

    The money will end up in the hands of tinpot dictators in Africa and corrupt officials in Asia. It’s a disastrous waste of our money.

    We’re still waiting on you to repeal DADT, Fraud-bama. Just like you promised, you “fierce” advocate.

  • Baxter

    Hooray! AIDS research can be even more overfunded than it already is!

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