Fall Streaming

‘Where the Bears Are,’ ‘Riverdale,’ and 11 very queer TV shows to catch this fall

Though fall doesn’t quite spew forth all the new shows the way the season once did–in the era of streaming and web series, shows release year-round, more like movies–the season does offer more than its share of new and returning series.

We’ve taken a look ahead to pick out a few new shows dropping in the next few months and picked out our favorites we can’t wait to see.

So, set your DVR, grab the remote and get ready: check out our picks for the hottest new shows this season.

1. Where the Bears Are

The long-running cult web series returns for its seventh (and allegedly, final) season, with the madcap maul of mystery-solving bears landing themselves in a beauty pageant. Peter Paige of Queer as Folk guest stars in a recurring role as a pageant choreographer as the boys end up on the trail of a bear-hunting serial killer. Needless to say, expect plenty of hairy situations. See what we did there?

Streams September 10

2. Voltron: Legendary Defender

The Netflix reboot of the popular 80s series about pilots of giant robots fighting against an evil empire returns for a seventh season, this time, with a twist: the popular character Shiro will come out of the closet and get a boyfriend. Couple that couple with plenty of anime-style mayhem, and what more could anyone ask for?

Streams on Netflix August 10.

3. Disenchantment

Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons and Futurama makes his first foray into Netflix territory with an animated comedy that aims to do for medieval fantasy what Futurama did for science fiction. Broad City star (and out-bisexual) Abbi Jacobson stars as the alcoholic Princess Bean in the highly anticipated series, Groening’s first in almost 20 years.

Streams on Netflix August 17.

4. American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Jessica Lange returns to the Ryan Murphy anthology, along with popular LGBTQ castmates Sarah Paulson, Cheyanne Jackson and Billy Eichner. This season promises a crossover story, which will combine popular elements and characters from the entirety of the show’s run. Added bonus: the presence of camp icon Joan Collins, who, no doubt, will show off some of the bitchy snobberies that made her a sensation on Dynasty.

Airs on FX September 12.

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5. The CW Greg Berlanti Cavalcade

Fresh from his success earlier this year with Love, Simon, showrunner/writer/executive producer Greg Berlanti brings his host of pretty people fighting supervillains and super hormones back for additional seasons. Arrow, The Flash, Riverdale, Black Lightning, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow all return this October, so expect no shortage of sexy actors and sexual tension (including that of the gay variety). No wonder Berlanti keeps having hit after hit. Bonus gayness: the bisexual character John Constantine (played by Matt Ryan) becomes a series regular on Legends.

 Airs on the CW: The Flash & Black Lightning October 9, Riverdale October 10, Supergirl October 14, Arrow October 15 and Legends of Tomorrow October 22.

6. Will & Grace

The megahit revival of the megahit sitcom continues, bringing a 10th season of comedy to the misanthrope best friends. Some longtime fans have criticized the show for going on too long: that the title characters would do well to mature out of their current neurotic mindsets. But we frankly can’t help but love seeing our old friends Will, Grace, Jack & Karen at any and every opportunity.

Returns to NBC October 4.

7. Murphy Brown

The brassy TV anchorwoman gets the revival treatment with original series stars Candice Bergen, Faith Ford, Grant Shaud, Joe Regalbuto and Lily Tomlin reprising their roles. The original show became legendary for its feminist perspective and lampooning of the George H.W. Bush administration. No doubt this new season, which finds the title character hosting her own cable show, will have the knives out for Trump and co.

Returns to CBS September 27.

8. The Connors

The now-Roseanne-less revival of Roseanne continues under a new title, and featuring the entire original cast returning, minus the bigoted, Trump-adoring Ambien-addled Ms. Barr. The new season will reportedly center on the character of Darlene (played by out-lesbian Sara Gilbert) as she tries to manage the Connor family without its matriarch. Roseanne’s tweeting aside, the revival brought some sharp humor and introduced the groundbreaking, genderfluid adolescent Mark. Here’s hoping this revival-spinoff retains all the wit and edge of the original show, without the nincompoopery of Roseanne’s politics.

Returns to ABC October 16.

9. Charmed

The much-anticipated reboot of the original girl-power cult series features one significant change: one of the three witch sisters is a lesbian. That would be Mel, played by acclaimed actress Melonie Diaz. We can’t help but have a soft spot for a show about beautiful young women working their magic. Bonus: the beautiful and magical Rupert Evans, who takes on the role of the sisters’ angelic mentor.

Debuts on the CW October 14.

10. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

For the honor of Greyskull…she returns. The legendary 80s gay icon and sister of He-Man makes a bid for a comeback, courtesy of a new Netflix series. As with the original, She-Ra joins with a band of rebellious women (princesses, in this incarnation) to do battle with the evil Horde and liberate the planet Etheria. That’s good enough for us, though given the added rumor that He-Man will turn up in order to get his own spin-off…we can’t wait for November.

Debuts on Netflix November 16.

11. Dancing Queen

Drag race superstar Alyssa Edwards gets the Kardashian treatment; that is, she gets her own reality show following her life struggles in her hometown Mesquite, TX. When not performing in drag, Edwards works as a children’s dance coach at the noted Beyond Belief Dance Company. As Edwards and her team of halfling hoofers prepare for competition season, count on plenty of drama, neon colors, and outrageousness.

Debuts on Netflix October 5.