Beau Breedlove: “It Just Happened, It Just Happened”

Beau Breedlove, the legislative intern whose relationship with Portland Mayor Sam Adams was made public last month after Adams’ repeated denials of any relationship ever happening, has his first on-camera interview, with CBS’ Ross Polambo. Breedlove admits that Adams kissed him while he was 17, but says that they did not have sex until after his 18th birthday, despite reports by a close friend to the contrary.

The Portland Mayor has decided to stay on in his position, despite Portland’s gay paper (and many other Portland MSM news orgs) calling for his resignation

Oh– and ha! ha!, Breedlove’s dog is named “Lolita!” How many improbable names can one gay sex scandal have? Watch the whole interview after the jump.

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  • faghag

    This is why I’m glad that age of consent is 16 in the uk.
    Americans need to fucking lighten up. IT’S JUST SEX, NOBODY HAS DIED.

  • rickroberts

    What a colossal waste of time. Oh, and Beau is a total honey. Beau, look me up! Atlanta is awesome!

  • sparkle obama

    if it had been obama & a girl, in the white house bathroom, with a cigar…
    more than a few of you gays would have been very quick to judge.
    don’t be fake, marys.
    you would have said, it has nothing to do with sex, but lying to the public & coercing a young person to lie!
    you know it’s true.

  • joe

    i’d hit it

  • stevenelliot

    Cute? yes… Sexy? yes…. acting like he’s talking to and being reprimanded by his high school principal? yes. At his age I had more balls and would have told the press that it was none of their concern. Is this boy mad at the mayor or is he playing the victim? or both? I cannot tell and I really dont care either way.

  • alan brickman

    beau is hot and there is aporn career in his on it!!

  • alan brickman

    umm let sam run his gov’t already…

  • Kit


    “Americans need to fucking lighten up.”

    Well that’s a bit rich coming from someone whose country didn’t legalize porn until 2000. (Welcome to thirty years ago, Britain!)

    And for the umpteenth time, the US doesn’t have an age of consent – individual states do, and it’s 16 in most of them. It was 16 in my state back when it was still 21 (!) in the UK.

    I love all y’all over there, but enough with the more-progressive-than-thou attitude.

  • Mister C

    Sparkle, I’ll have to admit you’re right on that. However let Mayor Adams continue his term. But I have a strange feeling if he runs for re-election. He will get assasinated with all of this stuff.

    However that’s their business. But on a personal note. I have a problem with Men dating and wanting to see someone who is 20+ yrs younger than them. Only because he is at the age of consent there is a debate about this. But why not date and have relations with someone in your own age group. If Mayor Adams is partnered what is his partners age presently?

  • Bill Perdue

    Are we supposed to believe that the Obamabots and rightwing christer nuts think that no children or young people under 18 can be kissed? Do they want children placed in Skinner boxes and denied human contact? Probably not. So why do they form a lynch mob, including the allegedly gay ones like sparkle to go after these two because of a kiss, maybe even two kisses.

    If we follow their logic parents will be jailed for kissing babies. It’s silly, like all bigotry, but also chilling.

    But just because it bigoted and silly do you think that the right wing christers and Obamabots will leave their torches and pitchforks at home and leave same sex couples alone.

    Apparently not. Obamabot sparkle says for the record that Adams is guilty of “coercing a young person to lie!” As usual sparkles Victorian prissiness isn’t backed by any proof of coercion. He doesn’t cite an ER report, produce photos of contusions and scars, quote a police report or provide a YouTube video of a the interview with the tearful victim? Why? Because they don’t exist. It simply didn’t happen. It’s not the first lie we’ve heard from sparkle; he is, after all an Obamabot, and it won’t be the last lie we’ll hear from him.

    The whole point of our movement is that people have the right to choose their partners without being intimidated, harassed by a sanctimonious mob of Obamabots or religious nut cases. That’s limited by the age of consent for sex and other pertinent laws, none of which have apparently have anything to do with this case. And if they do the DA will let us know.

    Lose the anti-GLBT mentality sparkle. Just because Obama’s a mule headed bigot who opposes same sex marriage doesn’t mean you have to be a bigot too. Or does it… ?

  • Mister C

    Bill, what are you saying. Sparkle’s comment only speaks the truth and you know it. OBAMABOT, or not!

  • Bill Perdue

    I’m saying that Obama supporters are pretty uniformly right wing. And that many of you are prissy Victorians, prudes and SNL Church Ladies no matter what your gender.

    I’m saying sparkle seems to be making up the whole coercion thing. I could be wrong but I never heard a reporter, a cop or the DA mention coercion of any kind, even as an outside chance. Neither does Breedlove who could make gazillions in a lawsuit against Portland. But unlike sparkle, he doesn’t seem interested in making up things, he sticking to the truth of his affections and upholding his allegiance to the GLBT’s communities fight for equality, even, or especially, in choosing who we love.

    If Breedlove were an altar boy in Vatican City, where by some wild coincidence the age of consent is 12 years old for males and Adams were a priest the whole thing would be perfectly legal. I’m not advocating that I’m just pointing out the sanctimonious hypocrisy of the christers and the prissy Victorians.

  • Mister C

    Well Babe, I’m not prissy, nor right wing AT ALL! I can’t speak for others. But as for me I’m not.

  • rickroberts

    @Mister C: Well, you may not be prissy. I don’t know or care and really can’t speak to that, but you do have a big black chip on your shoulder. You need to check that at the door. You got your president. WTF more do you want? Now get out there and make something of yourself (selves); there is no longer an excuse.

  • Mister C

    Excuse me Madam Arkansas. I have no chip black or any other color on my shoulder and further more. I don’t want SH^T from you and anybody else on here for that matter. I’m doing fine, Thank you very much.

    And as far as this statement:

    Now get out there and make something of yourself (selves); there is no longer an excuse.

    I am so sick and tired of some of you idiotic racist and YES I SAID RACIST fags because anytime you choose to lump an entire community together when you can’t prove we all are not making something of ourselves is PLAIN AND SIMPLE STUPID and BIAS.
    Then again I just remembered this B^TCH is from the South and a Hillary p^ssyeater. Queen is still bitter and yet still confederate.UGH IDIOT!

    Girl please get on!

  • Bill Perdue

    @rickroberts: I don’t agree with Mister C on a lot of things. He supports Obama and he’s fussy about sex. But I agree with him 100% about you.

    Anti-GLBT bigotry is just one of the symptoms of a society and government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

    Hatred of women, African Americans, native Americans and Hawaiians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Latinos as a whole, and Asians etc., along with homobigotry are the trademarks of rulers who’ve perfected the use of divide and rule.

    You comment “Now get out there and make something of yourself (selves); there is no longer an excuse.” is simply racist garbage. Minority workers are not poor, with lower wagers, fewer good jobs, fewer opportunities for education, housing, health care and etc. because they choose to be. Racism is the reason. Young gay men, transsexuals and others in the GLBT communities don’t go looking to get verbally and physically harassed, beaten and as often as not murdered. Bigotry, especially religious bigotry causes that.

    If you can’t see that we’re all going to hang together or hang separately you’re just playing into the hands of the bigots and racists. If you’re part of the problem in the next few years as war and depression create a new breed of steel-hardened union building anti-bigots and anti-racists you probably won’t enjoy being part of the problem.

  • Brian Miller

    Why do the Obamabots have to bring up their Hero of Zero in every friggin’ thread?

    Seriously, take it to the Meetup, kids.

  • Mister C

    Brian……please Hillary or Sarah which ever one you choose may get their chance in 2012. Then again (Philly) Go get Ed Rendell then.

    Anyway, Bill dear YES I do support Obama. We all have different issues as to why we support who we do. So That’s my right. As for sex I’m not fussy at all. Very sexual. However, I just have a problem with Men being 40+ dating an 18 yr old. That’s just me. Find a compatible indvidual in your age group.

  • Cole

    A 42 year old man making advances on a 17 year old is wrong. Breedlove admitted that they kissed. I doubt that it was a peck on the cheek. Kissing is physical intimacy. Even though they didn’t go all the way physically, Adams certainly manipulated the emotions of a minor. This isn’t behavior appropriate for an elected official.

  • Mister C

    Exactly Cole,I agree!

  • Jaroslaw

    Manipulated the emotions of a minor? You’ve got to be crazy. Most people at 16 or 17 know exactly what they want to do, sexually and in most other aspects of their lives. There are exceptions of course, but then there are numerically lots of people at age 30 who are emotionally immature. Actually, the more I get to know people, LOTS of people are immature and petty.

    Now, Cole, C and whoever, if you want to find someone in your own age group, that is fine. But no one yet on this blog has said exactly what is wrong with an age difference. Beau was 18, he could go to war and die. Who he has sex with seems to pale in comparison.

  • Jaroslaw

    Didn’t have time to watch the vid until now. Mr C, Cole – Breedlove himself says he wasn’t a victim. Why are you guys trying to make him one?

  • Mister C

    Jarolsaw, I’m not making him a victim. I’m just saying that I have problems with Men who date folks 20+ yrs younger than themsleves. That’s a PERSONAL issue I have I’m not judging Sam Adams you don’t see anywhere I posted where I said he should resign.

    However, In the video Beau does say he felt he was taken advantage of.

  • Jaroslaw

    Mister C – you seconded Cole -manipulation of a minor makes him a victim. Now if you didn’t mean that you agreed with everything, you can see how most folk would get confused with you responding “EXACTLY”.

    Where did I say you said he should resign?

    And for the 10th time, would you or someone tell me why you think it is wrong to date someone 20 years younger? No I haven’t done it personally, but it just hasn’t come up.

  • Jaroslaw

    Oh, I forgot. Taken advantage of by who? the media? the mean public writing him hate mails? Life? Sam? I listened to the video, but don’t recall exactly what he said on that subject. I don’t think he said SAM took advantage of him.

  • Jaroslaw

    I couldn’t resist, I listened to the video again, nowwhere does he say he was taken advantage of by Sam, he explicitly says he wasn’t taken advantage of, he was NOT preyed upon, he doesn’t think Sam should resign.

    there is something toward the end about the harshness of the public reaction towards him – but nothing about being “taken advantage of.”

    I meant to say this long before, if I had to guess, I’d say Rod Palumbo the news reader is Gay! :) He’s cute too.

  • Rob Moore

    @sparkle obama: Probably true for the Republicans. They think sex is something that can only be done secretly and act all holier-than-thou, until they get caught in an airport men’s room or stalking interns who don’t want to be stalked by them. My position is and has always been that unless it involves actual rape or prepubescent children, it is none of my or anyone else’s business. I had sex for the first time when I shortly after my 13th birthday. It didn’t involve coercion or force. He was a month shy of 15, and I liked it as much as he did. My primary thought was how to get into it again. Even now, when I look back at the experience, I don’t feel as if I was manipulated or used. I knew what I was getting into, and I was more than a little hot to trot.

    Age differences are a problem only if it a problem for the couple. When I was in my 40s I dated a young man who was 20. It was fun for both of us. It died after a couple of months because, we didn’t have much in common. When he talked about politics, I was struck by his ignorance although I never let on. He thought my love of Led Zeppelin was weird. The point is, it was strictly between us. I didn’t care that he was 20 years younger, and I assume he didn’t either. I have had similar things happen with men in my age group who loved disco as much as I loathed it or who spoke admiringly of Reagan. My closest friend is in his late 50s. His partner of several years is 15 years younger, but they are very compatible with similar interests and world-views. I envision them being a til-death-do-us-part couple.

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