There was a time when the only conceivable way to find support as an LGBT person was to relocate to a major metropolitan area, which is one of the reasons cities like New York, Chicago, S.F. and L.A. became gay meccas.

With the internet came a new outlet for seeking the understanding and company (all be it digital company) of others who feel similarly outcast.

Still, it can be tough to be gay in a small town or rural area. We wanted to hear from some of these guys, if for no other reason than to show they aren’t alone, and that there’s a whole gay world out there to engage in.

Here are some of the stories shared on Whisper:

I cry all the time because  I feel hated by my family for being gay. Our town  is small and I just want  to be accepted, but I  feel like I have to act straight to do so.

I think I'm gay but I don't know where to start... I live in a rural conservative community and my parents would probably disown me. I'm just so confused and don't know what to do

It's easier to stay in  the closet around my family. We live in a  redneck town and most people are uneducated about homosexuality. I wish I was from a more progressive city

I live in a small town and I can't decide to be honest and just come out as gay or come out as bisexual and try to soften the blow, which should I do?

Gay, never kissed anyone, and still a virgin. I feel  alone and lost in this town... I have friends but feel like I have no one  to talk to. Not sure  what to do.

I hate sitting here with my mom and dad and then seeing a happy gay couple beside me. I want that, but my parents don't accept me.

I'm gay and my boyfriend told me he loved me. We can't be together because we love in a homophobic town and it isn't safe. It's killing us inside

I want to leave and move away to expand my options in hopes of actually finding a gay guy that isn't so strange..which is all I seem to find around here..

The town I go to school in  is known for being ultra conservative and antigay. Good thing this closet is cozy....

Being a gay guy in a small town, I build walls and close myself off to straight guys in order to keep myself from getting hurt. It sucks because I'm sure I've lost out on some good friends.

My biggest secret is  that I'm gay and I desperately want to  come out but I live in a small religious town. Everyone knows everyone and I'm afraid it will cause more problems than it's worth

Sometimes I want to move away and start a new life because I hate my life here. Somewhere where being gay is socially acceptable :/

I'm gay and lonely. This small town really doesn't help with the feeling of loneliness at all either

I hate being gay and living in a small town. You see the same damn 5 guys and that's all you get to choose from... ????

I feel like because I'm gay and stuck in this small town that I'll be forever alone

I hate my parents for moving to a small town where I went through hell for being gay.

I'm so desperate for a boyfriend, but being gay in a small town isn't easy

I want a boyfriend really badly. I've never had one, it's hard to find one being gay in a small town. :/

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