think of the children!

Bill O’Reilly + Gretchen Carlson Can’t Bear to See the Day When Montana 1st Graders Learn About Gays

Are gays terrorists? Are transgender people alien species? Or trying to indoctrinate your children? Oh, it’s that last one Bill O’Reilly clung to while drumming up fear of “traditional people” in Montana being taken for a ride by a liberal school board that wants to tell first-graders not everybody in the world is straight.

One part of Helena, Montana’s new 62-page “broad health and nutrition education program,” which took two years to draft, includes sharing with first-graders that same-sex relationships exist, and that fifth-graders learn in sex education classes learn that physical intimacy includes “vaginal, oral, or anal penetration.” High schoolers would learn about “erotic art,” whatever that means.

Fox & Friends‘s Gretchen Carlson, meanwhile, is afraid of the “extreme values” being “pushed” onto “the mainstream.” As a wise man once said, there’s nothing to fear but Gretchen Carlson herself.