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Bill O’Reilly + Gretchen Carlson Can’t Bear to See the Day When Montana 1st Graders Learn About Gays

Are gays terrorists? Are transgender people alien species? Or trying to indoctrinate your children? Oh, it’s that last one Bill O’Reilly clung to while drumming up fear of “traditional people” in Montana being taken for a ride by a liberal school board that wants to tell first-graders not everybody in the world is straight.

One part of Helena, Montana’s new 62-page “broad health and nutrition education program,” which took two years to draft, includes sharing with first-graders that same-sex relationships exist, and that fifth-graders learn in sex education classes learn that physical intimacy includes “vaginal, oral, or anal penetration.” High schoolers would learn about “erotic art,” whatever that means.

Fox & Friends‘s Gretchen Carlson, meanwhile, is afraid of the “extreme values” being “pushed” onto “the mainstream.” As a wise man once said, there’s nothing to fear but Gretchen Carlson herself.

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  • Andrew

    I’m all for kids being taught that some of their classmates are almost certainly LGBT and that there is nothing wrong with them, — but sorry, no, I don’t think fifth graders need to learn about vaginal or anal sex, hetero or homosexual.

  • Cam


    1. Gretchen, I can already tell gays hate you because your hair people have sent you out with that haircut.

    2. I would prefer it that children not learn that irritating former beauty pagent winners who are now newscasters exsit, but we all have to deal with things we don’t like sometimes.

  • Shane

    “Gary has eighteen daddys”? Seriously? Can ANYONE be that ignorant?

  • Clint

    UGH shut the fuck up o’reilly. gary has 17 daddies? ridiculous.

  • Lawrence

    hey Gretchen,
    you cant move to montana now? well why dont you just move to Sudan, Saudi Arabia or Iran…pretty sure they still hate us gays there!

  • TommyOC

    I’m offended on multiple fronts:

    1) O’Reilly isn’t all up in arms about the gays, really, he’s up in arms that someplace other than SF, NY, or MA could somehow deviate from the ultra-conservative tenets. “But Montana?!?” he says incredulously. As if conservatism is a lock in any place other than the God-forsaken coastal towns.

    2) The Republican strategist, bless her, at least corrects O’Reilly by telling him that the frontier west is full of liberal pockets. But then she goes out to make them sound like some sort of cancerous plague, as opposed to a part of the great American tapestry.

    3) Gretchen Carlson. I’m glad she’s just a FOX sideshow and not on par with the other blowhards occupying that building.

    4) The fact that this 3-way debate presented no substantive alternate viewpoint whatsoever… and even included a “news” personality. Fair and Balanced indeed…

  • Soakman

    What does family guy have to do with anything?

  • normalajacent

    I’m getting sick of Bill. It’s pretty obvious that he is more liberal then he lets on and the character that he plays on TV isn’t real. Bill, If you want to compete on Fox News, Drink your own Kool Aid. He needs to truely be as crazy as his audience or he’s going to fall behind. Beck it up, Bill.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, between 8 and 10 million children in the United States are being raised in gay and lesbian families. These children attend your schools.

    Whether those Faux News goons like it or not, our society is very diverse and segregating or withholding information about different families is only teaching these students that some kids are just more important or valuable than others.

  • biguy

    Wow I’d love to tag both of those women and then let them know I like hooking up with guys too after I’ve busted my nut.

  • eemne

    Oh please, these people are crazy. Looking at the way they talk, I feel like slapping the crap outta them.

    There is nothing wrong to be gay, it just happens. Live with it!

  • Setay

    The purpose of the 5th grade sex education explaining about different types of sexual contact is to caution about STDs. We (I’m from Montana) take sex-ed in 5th grade and it’s not required. Everyone learns more formally how girls become pregnant, but if you don’t discuss STDs and the ways they are passed from one to another, you’re missing half the point of the class. We learn about drugs around the same time, does that mean they’re encouraging cocaine usage? The plan took two years to write and was based on much science, not ideology. If you think you know more about how children learn and understand sexual education than the professionals who helped write it, then maybe you should apply.

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