American hero Billy Eichner is not pulling his punches when it comes to the disgraces about to assume control of the United States.

“[Trump] did all of this to try to sell more steaks,” Billy said in a new Variety interview. “I sound like I’m joking, but I’m not. He managed to dupe a very gullible, uneducated and/or bigoted section of the American electorate into voting for him, and now he’s stuck with a job he doesn’t really want.”

He added, “He’s so transparently full of s— — it’s shameful.”

Billy will be spending inauguration day doing somethinganything to resist. And for him, that might be live-tweeting reruns of “The Golden Girls,” because he says people are going to need to escape the awfulness of the inauguration. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

He’s very worried about what the new administration will do to LGBTs. There have been amazing advances under Obama, but Trump could demolish them all in a matter of days.

“Our new vice president, Mike Pence, is one of the most blatantly anti-LGBT politicians in the country, and most, if not all, of Trump’s cabinet is anti LGBT equality as well. Unfortunately for them, the majority of the country, especially young people, are very much in favor of equal rights for all LGBT people, and no one mobilizes like the gay community. So they really don’t know who they’re f*cking with.”

And don’t expect to see any Donald-administration politicians running around on Billy’s show (he recently welcomed Michelle Obama and Big Bird on). He refuses to have anything to do with them, he says, unless they add Debra Messing to the cabinet.

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