Bloomberg Media To Be Hit With Anti-Gay Discrimination Lawsuit

Our sister in cyberspace Michael Musto just revealed Bloomberg Media, the software, data and newsgathering company founded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, will soon be facing an discrimination suit courtesy of a gay former employee.

I’ve just learned that Bloomberg Media’s International Managing Director of Television Brian Martinez—who I knew back in the ’90s club days—is filing suit with that company for having been relieved of his duties in July.

Martinez’s suit alleges that he was the victim of anti-gay discrimination and also perceived disability discrimination.

After a domestic violence incident with his then-partner, Martinez says his employer deemed him mentally incapacitated to continue working, though he says a doctor found him perfectly capable.

A spokesperson for Bloomberg Media denied the allegations: “We have always been a leader in providing benefits to domestic partners, and we covered the health benefits of Brian’s partners including an international relocation of his partner from Tokyo to London,” read an official statement. “Any hint that his termination was related to sexual orientation is ludicrous to anyone who knows Brian or knows this company.”

Bloomberg does have a solid record of domestic-partner benefits and other pro-LGBT nods, but this isn’t the first time the company’s been charged with discrimination: In September 2007, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a class-action suit on behalf  dozens of female employees, arguing the company routinely discriminated against pregnant women who took maternity leave. That case was tossed out by the courts earlier this year.

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  • Michael

    Not sure what to think of this one in all honesty. Hopefully more will come to light about this .

  • Interesting

    Not really a surprise if you know anything about the company.

  • kylew

    I think that gays and blacks and women who abuse fear about discrimination are a disgrace to their respective groups. Don’t know if that’s what’s happening in this case. Guess the facts will tell.

  • mike kilpatrick

    Your right kylew you don’t know.

  • mike kilpatrick

    Your right kylew you don’t know. What do you do when you don’t know? You don’t comment.

  • Kev C

    The employer found him mentally unfit for the job? That’s a medical opinion. They should be sued for that alone.

  • ewe

    So Bloomberg media says “Any hint that his termination was related to sexual orientation is ludicrous to anyone who knows Brian or knows this company.”
    That is not surprising particularly when Bloomberg Media allegedly let him go despite a doctors clearance. Courts all over this country usually discriminate LGBT people and other minorities by labeling them mentally incapacitated. They just send people down the pike to be interviewed by paid public health officials who cooperate with each other to challenge ones emotional stability through massive documentation. It probably is true what this employee is saying.

  • ewe

    I think those that hold the position of Mayor do so for way too long.

  • Mike in Asheville

    The question to be answered is whether an employer has justifiable cause to terminate an employee who has been charged with domestic abuse?

    As mayor, Bloomberg took quite a lot of shit over not firing a deputy mayor who had been arrested on domestic abuse charges. After it became public, the deputy mayor resigned.

    As an employer, particularly one in the media industry, having someone capable of domestic abuse being part of the employer’s public face greatly tarnishes the company’s reputation. To me, that is a very fair basis for a termination, gay or straight. Spouse beaters are louse, and no one should be required to gloss over that.

  • Unbelievable

    In my opinion, this has nothing to do with discrimination and everything to do with the money. If I were LGBT, I would not want this man representing me. I worked for Brian and it was the most unpleasant and painful work environment I’ve ever experienced. You never knew what sort of mood to expect day in, day out. There were people who suffered nervous and physical breakdowns while I was there. As soon as the news broke about the lawsuit everyone I know who I am in contact with expressed support for Bloomberg. He was the only boss I ever had who I never saw write one story. I have no idea if he can write. He was a master at the political game. We used to joke he studied his management skills at the “Adolf Hitler school of Management and Human Relations”. I pray there is such thing as Karma.

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