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British MP Roger Helmer Hates That It’s Okay To Change Gender But Not Sexuality

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—Roger Helmer, Britain’s Conservative Party lawmaker, likely referencing the possible discrediting of reparative therapist Lesley Pilkington. Aww, and wasn’t Helmer’s party leader, Prime Minister David Cameron, just trying to make nice with the gays? Cue the calls for Cameron to denounce him. [photo via]

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  • ChrisM

    Because the person getting the sex change operation has hopefully been checked by doctors to see that it would not cause any physical or mental harm, whereas a homosexual who “consents” to ‘reparative therapy’ is already showing signs of psychological trauma and shouldn’t be damaged further. Anymore brain busters from this guy?

  • tallskin2

    This is all part of the Christians presenting themselves as victims here in the UK.

    Tackle them head on about their homophobia and you’re the one being nasty!

    Say they may not act in a prejudical manner to towards gays and you’re persecuting them worse than the Emperor Nero did!

    Demand equality for gays in services they provide, whether it be as relationship guidance counsellors, Bed & Breakfast providers, State officials officiating Civil partnerships and you’re an atheist extremist not respecting their faith.


    Utterly maddening.

  • tallskin2

    I am most definitely not a conservative but I feel I have to defend David Cameron here.

    Cameron is on the liberal wing of the Tory party (which means he’s way to the far left of the Democrats on social issues) and this right wing christian nutter above, Roger Helmer, is part of the old fashioned, reactionary tory party, who seems to be an utter loon.

    Politically david cameron has to be careful because if they decide they want him out the right wing of the tory party can dump him.

  • robert in NYC

    Tallskin2, at least he’s in the minority who think that way. I doubt if he’ll get away with it since this is the mental health of a patient at risk. The legitimate British scientific and medical institutions know for a fact that we’re born gay. This nitwit doesn’t have a leg to stand on even though it is as you say, “utterly maddening”. I doubt if the Tories will endorse what he says, its politically charged to do otherwise and they’d lose more of the gay vote anyway, not that they won with a huge majority. They’re a dieing breed thankfully, at least in the UK. I think its time to make some fundamental changes. Get rid of the state cult once and for all and stop funding them with tax payers money, let them fend for themselves and spong off of someone else instead of the state, the parasites that they are.

  • Qjersey

    Next he’ll pull the Iranian solution which is to force gay men to have sex changes because they must truly be women if they like men.

  • tallskin2

    @robert in NYC

    yeah the death cult of christianity is our state religion here, and has its shamans sitting in our upper house not for anything they’ve done but because they are top dog shamans of the christian cult

    I should’ve added above that one of the reasons why christians here feel under attack is because

    1) of our increasing atheism here in in the UK


    2) people don’t listen to christians anymore when they pontificate about moral issues

    3) and as a consequence of the above their privileges are being removed, privileges they’ve had for over 1,000 years.

  • robert in NYC

    Tallskin2, its most encouraging to see atheism growing rapidly in the UK. What is your gut feeling about removal of the state cult, do you think there would be much support for it? I don’t see why the majority of the British taxpayers should be funding them with their taxes when that very majority aren’t really believers or pay any attention to whatever the cult says. Religion in the UK from what I can see is fast becoming irrelevant anyway and not conducive to modern living. Long may that continue.

  • tallskin2

    Robert in NYC.

    I think there are serious moves afoot right now to further reform the House of Lords, to make it a democratic elected chamber. We can argue about the right and wrongs of this
    1) the current system has mainly out-to-pasture retired politicians in it, which, it can be argued, gives a maturity to legislation that is bounced up to it for review.
    2) an elected HoL would remove legitimacy from the elected house of commons.

    Blah Blah.

    But as part of this process I would think the christians will lose their seats.

    A worse case scenario would have religious nutjobs from the other sky pixie religions given equality with the christians. So, we’d have muslim and jewish and sikh homophobes making speeches denouncing gays as being immoral, as well as the christers.

    You can bet though that the christers will kick up a huge fuss at any threat to their being removed from the HoL. And in order to retain their privileges they may argue strongly for other “faith” bigots to be also given a percentage of seats there.

  • Orangegoblin82

    Roger Helmer is not an MP.

    Please can you fact check stuff before you post it.

  • Tory Hater

    “Cameron is on the liberal wing of the Tory party (which means he’s way to the far left of the Democrats on social issues)”

    Not true, but nice try.

  • robert in NYC

    No. 8 Tallskin2…I’m all for an elected HOL but if I had to choose, I’d rather have it abolished wouldn’t you, thereby diminishing the role of clerics in politics? Its an anachronism anyway. I was listening to a BBC in America program over the weekend, called Dateline London. One of the British journalists said that electoral reform in the UK doesn’t seem to be of much interest to the British public, do you think that’s true? I find it hard to believe.

  • Kim

    The main failure in understanding is the following: It isn’t possible to change the sex of a person. A transsexual woman always had been a woman – a transsexual man always been a man (the sexual variations are much higher than people with gender stereotypes in their head would believe – and one of this variations is transsexuality). The “gender” marker is only what people see at the outside. As a result you can say: Neither you can change a homosexual into a hetrosexual nor you are able to change a man to a woman or a woman into a man. Fuck of gender stereotypes!

  • Roger Helmer MEP

    The only thing I hate is your mangled syntax. I never said I hated anything. I merely asked a moderate and reasonable question, highlighting the contrasting social attitudes to two broadly comparable situations.

    Judging by the responses I have received, I’d say it’s the homosexual lobby that specialises in hate.

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