Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.44.25 AMThe ever-diligent Bryan Fischer took to his radio program recently to employ some rock solid logic that if we’re going to do away with the Confederate flag, the rainbow flag also has to go.

Here’s the essential argument: Nazis.

Cuts right to the emotional core, no?

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Nazis had flags, just like gay people. By the oft-overlooked Fischer transitive flag property, gay people are Nazis.

Mind. Blown.

He even coined a new term for the oppressive, bigoted gay community — “the Gay Reich.” Because Nazis. Always with the damn Nazis.

“The rainbow flag represents the gay lobby, it represents Big Gay, it represents what I’m calling for the first time today, I’m introducing a new term: the Gay Reich,” he argued. “They’ve got a flag just like the Nazis had their flag.”

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“That flag is a symbol of slavery and oppression and bigotry and prejudice and bias,” Fischer continued. “So if we’re going to go after symbols of oppression, we ought to make the rainbow flag the next target for removal in our culture.”

After the rainbow flag is vanquished, we suspect he’ll set his sights on the real danger threatening society — novelty foam fingers. Because if those aren’t thinly veiled one-fingered heils to the Fuhrer, we don’t know what are.

Here’s one that comes to mind for Fischer:


Watch his creepy argument below:

h/t: RightWingWatch

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