CA Gov Jerry Brown Signs A Bazillion Pro-LGBT Bills Into Law

You already know that California governor Jerry Brown signed off on the historic FAIR Education Act which includes LGBT figures into public school social studies classes, but what about the nine other pro-LGBT bills he recently signed into law? Let’s quickly recap them and celebrate this momentous year for west coast queers.

The Equality and Equal Access in Higher Education Act – Asks the state university board to create and enforce campus policies protecting LGBTs from harassment while appointing an employee contact person to address all LGBT-related matters on campus. The law includes community colleges.

The Domestic Partnership Equality Act – Corrects nine key inequalities between domestic partnerships and heterosexual marriages including the requirement that domestic partners live together before getting hitched and the inability for domestic partners to share health benefits.

The Protection of Parent-Child Relationships Act – Allows courts to consider the relationship between a child and a non-biological parent when considering child rights cases involving birth parents, adoptive parents, and other presumed guardians.

The Gender Non-Discrimination Act – Because “gender identity and expression” don’t always appear as categories within each individual non-discrimination law, this law makes sure they’re explicitly included so that everyone who has to follow those laws knows for certain.

Gender Non-Discrimination Act – Provides public accommodations and protections in school, housing and employment for “gender identity and expression.”

The Vital Statistics Modernization Act – Makes it easier for trans people to get a court petition to change their gender on official documents also ensuring better statistics for trans citizens and their needs.

The Equal Benefits Bill – Requires any employer with a state contract worth more than $100,000 to have non-discrimination policies in place for LGBT workers and their partners.

The Judicial Applicant and Appointment Demographics Inclusion Act – Includes gender identity and sexual orientation of potential judges into the state’s Judicial Applicant Data Report to ensure that state courts remain diverse.

“Seth’s Law” – Named after bullycide victim Seth Walsh, this law requires schools to establish clear anti-bullying guidelines for all students (including LGBTs) and requires schools to respond to bullying within a prompt time frame.

Props to Governor Brown for signing these laws, Equality California for backing them, and to the legislators that sponsored the bills all the way to passage. You’re making the West Coast seem an even brighter place to live.

Image via Neon Tommy

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