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This Carrie Bradshaw “masc4masc” meme has everyone talking


Masc4masc? We think not. With fewer and fewer gay men feeling comfortable identifying as either “masc” or “fem,” the general consensus these days seems to be that the whole “masc4masc” thing is an outdated expression from the gay hookup culture of yesterday. Yet you still see plenty of guys writing it on their Grindr profiles. Why is that?

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Now, a new meme has begun circulating online and it seems to have sparked quite a debate. The image features none other than our old friend who we can’t stand anymore Carrie Bradshaw dressed in a fluffy grey sweater and plucking away at her MacBook while pondering whether or not “masculinity” is really all that it pretends to be.

Check out the meme and share your thoughts on it in the comments section below…

Well? Is it? #masc4masc #masculinity #genderroles #gay #carriebradshaw #satc

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