Catwalk Of Fame: The Top 5 Collections From Paris And Milan Men’s Fashion Weeks


While London is known for pushing envelopes and breaking new talent, Paris and Milan is where the big dogs go to play. These five brands, especially, bared their fabulous fangs, proving their bite was as bespoke as their bite. And they didn’t even have a surprise — though not wholly unwelcome — streaker.

Check out Queerty’s picks for our top 5 favorite collections from Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Comme des Garçons


Flowing, long shirt-tunics, in solids or contrasting prints or diaphanous textures, look great topped over a sensible ruched bottom, preferably knee-length — an aesthetically-pleasing alternative to the omnipresent thigh-high short.



Givenchy: the final frontier. These are the fashion voyages of Riccardo Tisci: to explore techno prints, to seek out stripes, and to boldly (or bodily) go where no open-toe sandal has gone before.

Raf Simons


It is now expected to see Simons knock-offs in the women’s collections (eyebrows raised at every living designer and clothing chain stocking primary colors), so let’s hope his man-onesies and high-waisted silhouettes trickle down to those masses still oppressed by the cargo short.

Thom Browne


A flair for the overtly-fabulous aside, this showboating sartor presented a parade of military men in two of the best trends for spring: shocking whites and an eternal favorite, the jodhpur.



It has been proven that the most comfortable outfit in the world is a speedo and billowy top. This time around, Donatella’s paint-splattered offerings are anything but a sober silhouette — we’ll take those tape-sculpted bodies and one laser-cut cardigan to start, please.


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  • balehead

    Does anyone know who number 5 is?….

  • Thomathy

    Oh, Christ. I thought the 80’s were killed and buried. Let them rest until they’re a distant memory; it’s not even been a quarter century since they departed.

  • imperator

    Jesus, I don’t get “fashion.” I wouldn’t wear a single one of those outfits– they look *ridiculous.* I mean I’d happily put the speedo-and-robe *model* on, but the clothes?

  • Fidelio

    Comme de Garcons Spring 2014 is freak’in brilliant. I think it’s spot-on. Especially like the exaggerated, layered sleeves and ruched pants. It’s Christopher Bailey on steroids.

  • Goforit

    It seems that all of these designers slept through the class explaining the difference between “Fashion design” and “Costume design”.

  • dewin

    You nailed it!

  • david624

    cute boys but god what a bunch of ugly [email protected]*(!#N bunch of cloths-most men with any common sense or pride would be caught dead in such garbage. what’s wrong in looking like a man instead of a freakshow

  • Polaro

    I get it. So much of men’s fashion is so boring. Shaking things up makes sense. However, this stuff is just nuts. I tried looking at the crazy, stupid outfits to see if you could wear some of the items without the rest of the Dr. Seuss get up. You know, just wear that one cool leather jacket that the guy in the dress from Mars was wearing. I guess you could put together one or two decent looks from everything they showed. Most of it is just unwearable outside of a Halloween party. Poor models. I almost feel sorry for them…almost.

  • Fidelio

    Jesus Fucking Christ, guys, you don’t have to take every fashion piece literally. You can take elements from the show and make them wearable. There are some solid ideas, here. The point is to be imaginative. A lot of these will go through adjustments based on retailers feedback. Some of it’s crap, for sure, but all of it is forward-thinking. I mean, guys aren’t really going to sporting jackets with peek-a-boo chiffon and little black dress silhouettes this Spring. Unless your English or French. Then maybe.

  • rcs831

    Totally impractical, even the pieces separately would be totally unwearable where and how ai live. The boys with the lipstick in the shiny Nazi Navy outfits, are you kidding me? Re-donk-ulous

  • Kangol

    Utter preposterousness but some of it is at least inventive and colorful.

    No, though, to anything referencing Nazi uniforms, and a HUGE NO to Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, who practices apartheid in her choice of models.

  • D P

    @balehead: – I had to do a double-take with his picture. For a moment, he reminded me of Justin Guarini from American Idol’s season one. Otherwise, sorry but I couldn’t tell you.

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