Chace Crawford Pulls a Sarah Palin…But with Fashion!

Somehow, when Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl can’t answer a question correctly about countries and uh, fashion, it somehow comes off adorable and charming. A certain governor from Alaska could have used this video of Chace Crawford answering a Grazia Guy Fashion Quiz as a template for how to field inquiries by Katie Couric.

P.S.: Everyone knows that Milan is a fashion capital. Chase is obviously feigning ignorance to try to dispel those gay rumors. Because, come on. Tokyo??


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  • ggreen

    Could Chance and Zac Efron have a fight to the death so there is only one of these look alike vacuous ninnies we have to hear from.

  • michael

    What a big old girl.. He is not a good enough actor to even “act”

  • demiurgical

    His straight acting is so cute. Actually instead of Zac Efron and Chance fighting to the death. Can they just both strip naked and be covered in lube and wrestle?? :p

  • girlie girrrrrrrrrl

    Puhleeeeeeeeeeze!!!!! I don’t care if he knows the difference between his butthole and a blackhole. Lube and wrestling would be a better use of his talents. He’s paid to be pretty and act, not to be the second in-line to be commander-in-chief! Comparing him to Sarah Palin is like…..well…comparing Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. ‘Nough said.

  • Bitter Better

    Yikes, you bitter boys. If you were that cute, like you would be any different. Tokyo, btw, is much more fashionista than Milan, unless you’re a basket ball player.

  • PatrickPatrick

    Well…THAT’S three minutes of my life I’ll never get back. But I guess I should have known better.

  • chanceforaman

    OK, Tokyo is fine. But no sleeze at all! It’s so clean you could eat off the streets. (And not in the good way….) Sleeze and fashion are hand-in-hand. Sex sells. And no one knows that better than the Italians. Except for the French….And, DAMN, they do sleeze/ sex/everything better than anyone.

    P.S. We are cute. Not as young as Chance, but not as stupid either………Or as clueless. My acting days are over though.

  • chanceforaman

    LOL!!! Agree Patrick! Dum-di-de-dum-dum!

  • Michael

    It’s only “adorable and charming” if one finds him so. I, for one, want to vomit profusely (and may). I do find it interesting that no one ugly is believed to be secretly gay. As example, I recently heard that Hero’s Zachary Quinto has been seen flitting about LA gay bars. I mean, there’s NEVER been a gay rumor about Danny DeVito or the like. It’s always, “Oooh, grrrllll… He cute! [whispers sotto voce] You know, I hurd he was makin’ out wit such and such at Club Couldn’tgivadamn…” Talk about Gossip Grrl.

  • Pragmatist

    Not especially cute, IMO. Why all the fuss? His build verges on freakish (are those biceps or quadriceps?). It’s even worse when he talks. I actually feel a bit dumber after watching this clip.

  • Richard

    MICHAEL- You forgot about Clay Aiken. I think that his team of people who do his hair and dress him make him look so horrible. He is not a cute person by any standards, and there were gay rumors for YEARS before he came out.

    I can’t really think of many more though….. So you may have a point ;)

  • CitizenGeek

    Wow, Chace Crawford is beautiful!

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