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Charlotte’s Y2 Yoga Studio Is Sorry For Being ‘Uber Gay’ By Closing Down During The Snow Storm

How does a small yoga studio in Charlotte grab national (blog) headlines? By announcing closures related to the snowstorm via an email laced with the word “gay.” Y2 Yoga owner and instructor Tanner Bazemore notified clients the blizzard would keep the studio closed like so: “Greetings! I know it sounds gay, but we are definitely less gay across the bored (sic) when compared to CMS, BOA, etc, etc.” Also: “Mainly, I am being gay” by closing the studio. And: “Closing completely because of some white stuff is being uber gay!” To be sure, the email included four disclaimers letting everyone know he used the word “gay” to mean “bad.” And if you had a problem with his message? “Pedophiles who feel hurt with my words send your comments to [email protected].” Wonderful!

So when Bazemore got called out on Twitter, he responded as you would expect: “An apology has been issued to those offended. It is unfortunate my words were misconstrued. Nothing but love for all. Sorry. OM. TB.” He tells FOX Charlotte that he was drinking wine when he wrote the note. And Mel Gibson was just having a malt beverage.

Bazemore insists that “while I might be a moron, I’m not a hurtful person.” Then he sent a check for $1,000 to the It Gets Better project. All better now?

And isn’t yoga supposed to an activity that de-stresses? I think the only appropriate thing for Bazemore to do is offer free nude yoga classes to gay clientele. Where only Bazemore is naked.

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