Future First Dude?

Chasten Buttigieg recounts his first date with Mayor Pete, and it’s pretty darn cute

Chasten Buttigieg, current First Gentleman of South Bend, IN, and husband of current Mayor and Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has opened up about the couple’s first date in a heart-warming new video.

Chasten recorded the video for Now This as part of his husband’s campaign. In it, he talks about his choice to become a teacher, the fight for LGBTQ equality, and his anxiety surrounding Pete’s political career.

“Our first date – it was actually supposed to be coffee, but I got stuck in rush hour traffic getting out of Chicago,” Chasten says. “So we moved it to dinner. And when I pulled up in front of his house to pick him up, he opened the door and we both said ‘howdy’ at the same time and then we both said, ‘what, that’s my word!’ It was kind of a cute meet cute.”

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“I don’t think we can be comfortable with where we’re at now,” Chasten explains of the ongoing battle for queer rights. “Equality wasn’t won when we were granted marriage equality. We can’t be complacent with where we are now. We’re just getting started.”

A Rhodes scholar, Pete Buttigieg graduated from Harvard in 2005. He went on to serve in Afganistan as part of the Naval Reserve in 2014. After winning the Mayoral office of South Bend in 2011, he came out in 2015 as part of his re-election bid. Pete and Chasten married in 2018.

Pete Buttigieg launched his presidential campaign in March 2019, raking in a whopping $7 million in campaign donations in the year’s first quarter, and with more major fundraisers planned. His bid for the Democratic nomination makes him the first out-gay man to do so. Already Buttigieg is polling far ahead of most other Democratic contenders, with some polls even showing him leading Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden.