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Cheat-y Sen. John Ensign Will Not Resign, ‘Cause Extramarital Affairs Are Not Illegal

Ensign Affair

Yes, that is the Nevada senator’s excuse for why he won’t just pack it up and leave office. Sure, John Ensign voted to impeach President Bill Clinton for his White House oral activities, but when it comes to himself, he’s totally in the clear because he did not break any laws when he sexed a campaign staffer. Remember, Clinton lied under oath. Ensign just lied under his marriage vows. There is a difference, people. One can send you to prison, while another sends you to hell. Good thing we’ve got Ensign leading the charge for the sanctity of marriage.

“President Clinton stood right before the American people and he lied to the American people,” says Ensign. “You remember that famous day he lied to the American people, plus the fact I thought he committed perjury.”

The difference between he and Clinton, Ensign concludes, is that he was honest about his affair.