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Chemsex survival kits come with color-coded syringes and a booklet on what to do if you’re arrested

A recent survey conducted by found that 30% of respondents had engaged in chemsex, with an additional 39% saying they could consider it. Now, a U.K.-based health organization is doing its part to at least make sure those 30% of PnPers don’t die as a result of their addictions.

The Gay Man’s Collective is volunteer-led organization based in the U.K. that aims to promote sexual health, well-being, and harm reduction among gay and bisexual men.

To achieve this, the organization is selling PnP survival kits, called PIP PACs, in an effort to promote “safer” chemsex.

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The kits come with latex gloves, condoms, lube, syringes, and G-timers, via straws, and a “bust card,” which is a little booklet listing your rights in the case of an arrest.

According to the Gay Man’s Collective, the kit, which costs about £5, or $7 U.S.,  was “made by gay men, for gay men and bi men and men who have sex with men (MSM)” and the syringes come color-coded to reduce sharing.

The kits, which can be purchased in single or twin packs, come “discretely packaged and posted 1st class, packs fit through standard letterboxes. Purchase on-line today, and there’s a good chance you’ll get yours tomorrow.”

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Since launching in 2014, the Gay Man’s Collective has sold thousands of the kits, writing:

“Some of those involved in their development have direct knowledge and experience of drug use, addiction, withdrawal, and recovery. We also work with LGBT+, drugs, and sexual health services across the UK. Feedback remains very positive and we will continue to make more while the need is there.”

For the record: Chemsex is incredibly dangerous. Not just because drugs can kill you but because people often don’t exercise the best judgement while under the influence, especially when it comes to using protection, and can be exposed to all kinds of STDs. The PIP PAC may help to make chemsex safer, but the safest solution is to not engage in PnP.

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