Cher just tweeted a Cher meme and people are freaking out about it


Cher has always been pretty active on Twitter, accumulating nearly 4 million followers over the years, with whom she shares her views on politics…

Donald Trump

Her dinner plans…

And her trips to makeup store…

Yesterday, the dancing queen switched it up and did something a little different. She tweeted a meme… of herself.

(When you’ve been at it for 60 years and are worth an estimated $300 million, you’re allowed to tweet memes of yourself.)

The image shows God introducing Adam to Eve… and Cher.

Unlike many of Cher’s tweets, which usually only garner a few thousand responses, this one went viral.

So far, it’s received almost 150,000 likes, over 21,000 retweets, and more than 1,300 comments.

The singer recently announced that she’s back in the studio recording new music. Her last album, Dancing Queen, was an ABBA cover album released in 2018.

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