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  • Craig

    Go to the site RF posted. Click “Report Page” on the Left. Click Contains Hate Speech, then click the one about Orientation.


  • Shannon1981

    @Craig: Done, and posted to my status.

  • ~R~

    @Craig: um, the link RF posted is a page that “exposes” the hate speech from other pages. It isn’t condoning the language as you’d see if you actually read some of the actual comments.

  • rf

    Yeah why are you reporting the page I posted? Its pulling the hate speech off of ChickfilA and exposing it to the Facebook community. Here’s the info thing on the site:

    Chick-fil-A (CFA) was recently linked to the anti-gay groups NOM and the Ruth Institute. Since the story broke, the gay bashing on their Facebook page has escalated to embarassing proportions. CFA and Facebook have done a terrible job of controlling the hate speech on this page with almost 4 million ‘fans’. All of the posts we have gathered were taken directly from the CFA Facebook page and many of them are still live and viewable on their site.

    Jeez, get a clue please. If you take that page down then no one will see the filth being posted on CFA.

  • tim73

    Check out this fage book page dedicated to the posts and hatespeech Chick-fil-A allows on their fan page,while deleting any comment by any one supporting gays or objecting to the hatespeech and derogatory remarks made towards gays,Jews,Muslims,and the real Christians who don’t belive in hating anyone. By the page leaving up these it just shows they condone and agree.Please check it out and see for yourself.let people know it’s not ok to be a biggot.

  • tim73

    You’d think I’d proof read before sending….. ton’s of typo’s but the point is valid.

  • DJ

    This is horrible but Chic-Fil-A is too good to stay away from. But to show my support in the gay community, I’ll make sure I bring my BF when I eat there. When I get one of course lol

  • goofy

    If the gay community can post all these anti Christian ad and porn. CFA is tame. Time for the one sided gay community to live up to their live and let live morto instead of the double standard.

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