Daniel Zamudio, Victim Of Brutal Gay-Bashing In Chile, Dies After Month In Coma

Ricky Martin‘s Twitter-blessing three days ago was not enough to save Daniel Zamudio, a Chilean gay man who was viciously hate-crimed by neo-Nazis in Santiago on March 3rd.

Zamudio died yesterday afternoon after a long struggle for his life, according to Emol.

After receiving a GLAAD Award, Ricky Martin had tweeted: “I am honored and thankful and would like to dedicate it to #DanielZamudio and his family #Chile.” Just last night, Martin tweeted: “Daniel Zamudio RIP.”

Zamudio’s attacks allegedly hit him with bottles, rocks and other blunt objects before they cut off part of his ear, carved swastikas into his chest and burned other parts of his body with cigarettes.

The accused, part of a vile collective called “nazis del Centro” (“the Downtown Nazis”), are Raul Alfonso Lopez Fuentes (25), Axel Alejandro Angulo Tapia (26), Patricio Ahumada Ivan Garay (25) and Fabian Alexis Mora Mora (19). They remain in policy custody and will probably be charged with murder now that Zamudio has passed.

Guess these four Latino neo-Nazis will finally get to see their idol, the great Fuhrer, in hell.

Photo via Movilh Chile

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  • Mikel D McGrew

    This is tragic, the more so because these groups are growing in number and strength. I cannot understand such hatred; it harks back to an era when Native Americans and African Americans were believe to be subhuman and underving of rights and often life. Have we learned nothing in the past two thousand years? Love reguires some work, hatred none at all.

  • Hephaestion

    Oh my God! What a horrible, vicious attack! Dear God, I can’t believe people can do such cruelty to another person. Those “Downtown Nazis” need to be hung in the public square and spat upon by everyone in Santiago!

  • pixipie

    When will we stop hating each other? The worst part is those who perpetrate hate crimes are usually remorseless and take pride in being known for what they’ve done.

  • Ricardo Echagüe

    I’m Chilean, and i would like to say that the effervescence and social pressure that is growing in here becouse of this murder, its not going to be in vain. Something big its about to happen and i’ll be more than proud of my country for this. Unluckily it took someone’s life to get all of this going, but from now on, it marks a millestone for our society, and the developing of human rights. I really hope that the conclusion of this story end with a happy ending, and the murderers who took Daniel’s Life, rotten in
    prison with life sentence. I Would like to ask that you keep an eye on his story. Watching other sources rather than EMOL, that its a conservative media.

    Cheers from Chile and thanks for telling what happen to the world and our community.

  • Belize

    I remember seeing an earlier report from Queerty about the attack. I remember thinking at least he survived and still has a chance to return to normal. This is heartbreaking.
    @Ricardo Echagüe, I hope you’re right. I hope the boy’s death yields a massive effect in your country. The best of luck to you.

  • Fairy Qing

    RIP :(

  • lookatme!

    latino neo-nazis? WTF?! are they so bored with their own lives?! nazis hate all races except white! f* idiots should learn some basics first!

    RIP Daniel

  • Ron

    “…will finally get to see their idol, the great Fuhrer, in hell”

    If this is your expectation you need to brush up on international law.
    Chile abolished the death penalty in 2008.

  • Robroberts

    This is just so very, very sad. Godspeed sweet angel, your death will not be in vain.

  • mister larry

    did they really call themselves nazis or did the media? i cannot see these killers as people who listen to nazi music bands like screwdriver. they look like the trash who listen to eminen or black rap.

    queers need to stop the bullshit and admit black ghetto culture in the hands of whites and hispanics is causing this.

  • Chris S.

    This is crazy. I have close family in Santiago and I had been on a wonderful trip there in 2005 and I experienced none of this homophobia (thank God). But that’s why I am so shocked by this. I come across naturally as a gay man to and didn’t change my behavior or mannerisms down there and if anything I found it friendly. I felt like I was something excitingly exotic to them. I blew a kiss to a group of cute guy friends hanging out and they got such a kick out of it, and another time I was standing outside a nightclub all in a bad mood because I my friends had just gotten into a fight and a cute guy approached me wanting to know where I was from and took my hand and kissed it. I felt like such a lady! Just what I go for! I wasn’t even in the gay neighborhood of Bellavista. I was hanging out most of the time on Av. Suecia.
    I’m so confused what the vibe is like there now, since my experience was so positive.

  • shannon


  • Ricardo Echagüe

    @Chris S.: as you said, the homophobia its not a part of our daily life or culture, as you saw in your trip. i Repeat, this is an isolated Hate Crime, and thats why the whole country is so shocked. We’re not used to this kind of things, and this so called “neo-nazis” have never do such things, Please dont think that every single gay man or woman is exposed to this risk.

  • Brand

    God bless Daniel Zamudio’s soul, and his family and friends, and the gay community in Chile. Tears are stinging my eyes, I hadn’t heard anything about this until now.

    @Ricardo Echagüe: I have a good friend in Santiago, and a dear branch of my ex’s family lives there, too. I have long felt I have an affinity for the Chilean people. My heart is with you and everyone there. All good people want peace and progress and freedom and equality everywhere in the world. We wish you all the best.

  • Rachel

    I’m Chilean but I’m currently living in Australia and I just heard about this tragic story, at first I did not believe that anyone in their right mind would do such a thing but sadly, it was true. Agreeing with a earlier comment, Daniel’s death will go down in history, it’ll hopefully raise more awareness on gay bullying in Chile and around the world RIP Daniel, you did not deserve to die like this.

  • Todd Maxwell

    GOD bless straight people…….in HELL

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