Daniel Zamudio, Victim Of Brutal Gay-Bashing In Chile, Dies After Month In Coma

Ricky Martin‘s Twitter-blessing three days ago was not enough to save Daniel Zamudio, a Chilean gay man who was viciously hate-crimed by neo-Nazis in Santiago on March 3rd.

Zamudio died yesterday afternoon after a long struggle for his life, according to Emol.

After receiving a GLAAD Award, Ricky Martin had tweeted: “I am honored and thankful and would like to dedicate it to #DanielZamudio and his family #Chile.” Just last night, Martin tweeted: “Daniel Zamudio RIP.”

Zamudio’s attacks allegedly hit him with bottles, rocks and other blunt objects before they cut off part of his ear, carved swastikas into his chest and burned other parts of his body with cigarettes.

The accused, part of a vile collective called “nazis del Centro” (“the Downtown Nazis”), are Raul Alfonso Lopez Fuentes (25), Axel Alejandro Angulo Tapia (26), Patricio Ahumada Ivan Garay (25) and Fabian Alexis Mora Mora (19). They remain in policy custody and will probably be charged with murder now that Zamudio has passed.

Guess these four Latino neo-Nazis will finally get to see their idol, the great Fuhrer, in hell.

Photo via Movilh Chile