Chris Rockway Plays With The Boys

Australian glossy DNA snuggles up to porn star Chris Rockway this month.

And, of course, the gay-for-pay pumper tells all about his anal adventures:

I’m mainly attracted to women. But sex with men can be fun. Guys get so hung up on labels and what people will think of them that they miss out on a lot. Once you get rid of the anxiety of doing something you don’t believe you are supposed to do you can enjoy it for what it is.

While I’m not attracted to the guys I’ve been with, a lot of us have become friends and we approach it like some guys would see a game of touch football, wrestling or horsing around. Guys being guys – just in a different way.

Yeah, like soccer practice.

We’ve also included an introductory video of Rockway after the jump. Warning, it may decrease the actor’s desirability. It does, however, make us wonder exactly how straight he is…

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  • eames

    his best side? when the video ends. what a loser.

  • GranDiva

    Uh, LAME.

  • alco

    wow, photoshop can do wonders

  • Dawster

    it’s interesting. upon a few nights drinking with a bunch of male hustlers in Amsterdam (i won’t really go into detail), they all admitted something similar to the quote above – almost verbatim.

    when i was talking with two of them in a quieter setting, they both admitted that it was a way to mentally separate what was work and what was play… keeping it divided so that they, their peers, family, society do not have to think of themselves as “gay”. no matter what, they can always take a step back and ‘feel safer’.

    another one admitted that he doesn’t have AS MUCH fun with guys as he does with girls, but he tries his best to find something fun about being with a guy, since that is what he’s being paid for – it’s his job. Eventually he just looks at it as something fun… but not his first preference. I thought that made sense too.

    so it can really go either way… it could be partial denial, or just a coping mechanism. whatever is going on in his brain is his business, but as far as i’m concerned… i would PREFER a full fledge homosexual…

  • scientivore

    I’m more interested in the story on Dannii Minogue that the magazine cover alludes to.

  • Lance

    Someone’s in serious denial in that video.

  • Rowen

    “Hey girls who aren’t going to watch this because I only do gay porn! I think you’re hot! Look for me on this gay porn site!! I’m totally straight!!”

    Aren’t there enough out, gay, muscle boys who are running low on their coke supply that the porn industry can hit up? Have they never been to a gay club? Is there any reason why the “pay for play” guy still exists?

  • hells kitchen guy

    God bless him, he’s doing the work of the Lord,toiling in the vineyards.

  • hells kitchen guy

    And, oh yea, I don’t give half a shit how he swings or how he justifies it. He’s freaking GORGEOUS.

  • Steven Sparling

    I’ve not seen it yet.


    He is in serious denial. I agree with Rowen he is appealing to girls to check him out on a gay website? He is hot as long as he keeps his mouth shout. Except keep it open to service guys, which he will get around to doing sooner rather then later

  • gay as life

    I thought he was gay since I saw his first JO video. He tweaks his own nipple as he’s cumming. How many straight guys do that?

    Whatever. I’d do him in a heartbeat.

    Check out his blooper reel on X-Tube from the “first time” he gets fucked. It’s freakin hilarious, and oddly hot.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I think this is the perfect explanation for why I dislike so much American gay porn. The straight guys never seem to be enjoying themselves. It all seems like a chore for them. Watched one with a pair of straight guys (Zeb Atlas and the glorious Mark Dalton) and it was a joke. They each masturbated (one at a time) while secretly watching the other, they each jerked off (again one at a time) while thinking about the other, they beat their meat side by side simultaneously and they had workout footage followed by the deadest shower scene in history. It was BORING. Either get into it or save it for the fish.

  • JK

    I saw him one time at Hiro sundays on a 3 day wkend. He wasn’t promoting anything obviously so take it with a grain of salt.

    That said, if hes really gay for pay – he is one of the best porn actors I’ve ever seen. He says “I wanna watch you cum, I wanna watch you cum” with insane passion!! he def looks like hes always enjoying himself

  • Paul Raposo

    Considering how easy it is for any person to get into porn–webcams, blogs, websites–I find it ridiculous that any straight man would do gay porn as if they have NO IDEA how to get into straight porn. Years ago an 18 year old Canadian kid started a website called Johnny’s Quest featuring him having sex with MILFs. This was the late 90’s, early 2000’s when these types of personal porn sites were just cropping up. He made a fantastic go of his work and apparently made piles of cash to boot. If some kid from Quebec, Canada can become a straight porn star, I’m sure this moron could have to. Chrsit, a New York based child named Riotboy made piles of cash and became famous worldwide doing shows on his webcam and he was 12; even going so far as to hire hookers to come to his parents house so he could have sex with them on camera, before finally being shut down by the authorities and his “fans” investigated. Mr. Rockway does gay porn because he loves the cock. Gay men buy his straight routine because too many of us have far too much internalized homophobia.

    As far as his “first” anal experience; from some pics I saw, that rose was plucked a long time ago

  • Just Me

    Does anyone know the title of his blooper on Xtube?

  • gay as life

    Looks like the Xtube video was deleted. Too bad.

  • Just Curious

    Humm, I guess I’m what you’d call a “muscle boy” or whatever and actually have a friend just like rockway, he gives the I love the ladies line, and guess what give him a drink and he’ll bounce on any “stud” near him, personally I’m straight and have even allowed myself the opportunity to experiment, and guess what I’m straight, plus really thinking about it I could’ent get it up even if I was being paid, Chris Rockway is Bi -leaning toward more gay than straight, I found out about him because I was propositioned by a guy who supposedly worked for randy blue, look thinking about it I couldn’t even do straight porn, not for the lack of sex drive but come-on letting someone tape you having sex for money like a piece of meat, for Rockway do this with guys dude your meat loving man-toy, it’s cool just don’t front

  • Paul

    I am so sick of these gay-for-pay guys. Once, its gay for pay, but after what, like 30 pornos, you start to enjoy it a little.
    And I agree, it is lame that he is trying to hook up with the chics via a gay site. He just wants to make sure that we fags know that he is off limits. Whatever, truely gay for pay guys just get sucked off with no reciprocation.

  • Jon Royce

    I shot his first video in 2006. He is definitely hot.

  • AwfulTruth

    Look I thought the video was total crap – Chris is tight-assed about his real self and not at all convincing. He needs to just accept that a big part of him – what he ‘is’ – is gay and stop pretending to be all hetero. The video was a machismo bollocks turn-off and was like watching Barbara Streisand pretending she could’nt sing: insincere and unconvincing.

    These porn stars need to grow up and stop kidding themselves. It makes me puke to think that they have not got the gumption to be just who they are and be honest about it. Will a woman ever want Chris as a partner? No way – unless she was a lunatic. No offence – but, you job, Chris? Chris will make a guy very happy one day – especially when he needs to retire from public sex. He needs to think about that and not get swept away with all the crazy bulldust these ‘macho’ male porn stars peddle. I wish Chris well – he’s a guy of extreme male beauty – one of the most beautuful guys on earth for sure – but that video is just awful!

  • Take

    He’s too gay to be straight…
    Take my word guys…

  • Andy

    now… have you ever seen a straight guy kiss another the way Chris does it… who is he trying to kid?

    still.. dont really care what he is or isnt.. he aint gonna marry me.. haha…

    but isnt he a feast… drop dead gorgeous eye candy!

  • jason

    While I agree with Chris’s sentiments, my bigger point is this obsession with porn stars. Why do we have it? And why is some stupid Australian magazine highlighting porn stars on its cover? Memo to stupid Australian magazine: start concentrating on the people who have worked to make our rights a reality.

  • jason

    Porn is an awful thing to represent gay rights. While I concede that some gay men like porn, it’s no more representative of our rights than Hooters is for heterosexuals. We need to get away from the notion that porn stars and porn represent who we are.

  • jason

    The Australian gay scene has very little activism. It’s more of a porn-obsessed, dance club-mincing type of scene. Hence there is no gay marriage or gay civil unions in any state of Australia. The gays over there seem to think that going to nightclubs is sufficient an indication of gay rights.

    Boy, do they have a lot to learn.

  • Ace

    His real names Dan. Goes to my gym LOL works out with his girlfriend…he’s REALLY conceited!!!

  • bunty

    what a loser, ‘which is my best side’ he’s cute but not that cute and in serious denile. if he was that into women he would be doing straight porn as well as gay porn. zzzzzzz boring.

  • Shanta

    let’s respect what Chris is doing. besides, he’s responsible of all his decisions in going to gay-for-pay business. so what if he doesn’t want to accept that his gay, does it affect your life!? i agree to jason, gay is not about just asshole fucking of cock sucking. it’s all about expressing how u feel. Chris is the hottest men is this planet and what is happening to him right now is “crab mentality.” If you don’t like his videos, then don’t watch them. otherwise support his career. People change, someday, he’ll realize his decisions and will come up with a better one. Good luck chris.

  • Bisexual Guy

    I think that he is really Bi-curious or Bisexual cause I can notice it …. in the way he sees men and women Its in his blood (just as me) jajaja XP I am Bisex and Im openly bisexual for my real friends, sometimes straight guys get confused with me and just dont know what to do jajaja just like my teacher, he is almost as Chris handsome, but he is afraid of tellin me a word!! I think it is because of the super sexual atmosphere that we have… but then CHRIS ROCKWAY IF U EVER SEE THIS PLEASE ANSWER ME ARE U BISEXUAL OR BI-CURIOUS?

  • Bryan

    I don’t have a problem with what he said to those magazine girls. Who cares? As others have said, he IS hot. I have seen this before, but thought it would be different based on what the article said and what some of the outraged folks have said in comments, I was all set to start being angry with one of my favorite porn performers and have all my illusions about him shattered and instead it was more “Oh, I have seen this already. He is still fucking hot”. I love Chris Rockway, he has a nice, goofy sense of humor, he is very friendly, he is built like a brick house and he really gets into it. I am glad that he admits that it is fun, because he sure does look like he is having fun when he does it, which is one of the reasons he is one of my faves. I love you Chris!

  • Davida Marshall

    for Me he’s still the best

    and i’m availabale for him
    anytime he wants Me

    Just connect Me by email…

    [email protected]

  • Hannah

    What? Fucking a guy in the ass is NOT like “touch football.” Fucking a guy in the ass is like fucking a guy in the ass haha

  • Jefrianrico

    Video video homo sexual chris rokway

  • Edsen Phoenix

    Hi Chris, it’s me, Edsen, from your your profile. Please Accept my Sent Friend Request as soon as possible, pliz hurry. Because, Do you exist online today in facebook? How are you? Are all went well? Sorry, if you have online in facebook, there is something that important that I want to ask you. Thank you. [;)]

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