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Chubby daddies & “real military”: 5 takeaways from Pornhub’s Pride 2024 insights report

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There’s one thing that brings the LGBTQ+ community together across continents and from sea to shining sea.

No, we’re not talking about Pride, but nice try.

We’re talking about Pornhub. The adult-film site just unveiled its 2024 insights report on gay users and, boy, is there a LOT to dig into!

You may have thought that late-night search was private, or that you’re the only one into “insert-search-term-here,” but you’d be wrong. And this Pride season, there’s a lot we can learn about the most popular gay content on Pornhub –– and who’s viewing it.

Here are five of the biggest takeaways from Pornhub’s 2024 report.

1. It’s a twink’s world and we’re just living in it.

According to the data, “Twink” was the most viewed category in South America, Russia, and the majority of Europe. Nevertheless, some of the continents surprised us. “Bareback” and “Straight Guys” were the most popular searches in North America and Australia, respectively. On the other hand, Africa was all over the board with a diverse range including “Black,” “Twink,” “Hunk,” and interestingly enough, “Cartoon.”

2. Stateside gays get especially specific.

The data never lies! By comparing each of the states’ most frequent queries, Pornhub was able to break down the “top relative gay searches by state.” And wow, Americans certainly know what kinds of content they’re, erm, looking for.

We can’t break down some of the study’s most X-rated search terms without blushing, but a few intriguing insights: Wyoming loves “vintage cowboys,” New Jersey frequents “country boys,” Louisiana desires “real military,” Oklahomans can’t get enough of “chubby daddy,” and Nebraska is on the constant hunt for “mushroom c*ck.” The more you know!

3. Maine is the gayest state!

We always thought those lighthouses looked phallic! Per the report, Maine residents are “28% more likely to search for gay porn,” followed by Kentucky and Delaware at 26% and 25%, respectively.

Alaska, however, was the least likely to watch gay porn at least on Pornhub, alongside Kansas and Colorado.

4. The girls are all here. Literally.

A woman with pink hair stands in a pink beanie and pink sweater smiling widely. She holds a Pride flag in each hand.

You’d think the gay section of Pornhub would be a literal sausage fest. But interestingly enough, the study revealed male viewers only made up 57% of gay porn viewers, “whereas women made up 43%.”

Furthermore, the largest age demographic of viewers fell in the 25-34 age range, followed by 18-24 and 45 to 54-year-olds.

5. Every generation has their, erm, go-to’s.

A diverse group of LGBTQ+ people stand smiling in front of a white wall standing outdoors. They're dressed in an assortment of rainbow garb, with rainbow face paint adorning their cheeks.

Pornhub dove even deeper into the data to report on the “top relative gay categories by age group.” Surprisingly, each age bracket had a different go-to.

And while there’s probably some deep psychological analysis we could explore about evolving tastes in the LGBTQ+ community, we’ll just let the stats speak for themselves. In the 18-24 range, “Cartoon” ruled, 25-34 preferred “C*mshot,” 35-44 went for “Big D*ck,” 45-54 searched most for “Latino,” 55-64 turned to “Massage,” and users 64+ frequent “Blowjob.”

Not only are these kinds of studies interesting, but they help us better understand our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters across the globe. Earlier this month, Grindr began spilling tea on what they’ve dubbed their gayest cities, including the North American mecca for “bubble butt bottoms.”

Though at this rate, we might be ready to know a lot less about each other come July.

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