The man who Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni once claimed they were raising as one of their own is speaking out, and he’s got some not-so-nice things to say about the couple.

In a jailhouse interview with Business Insider, 32-year-old Mark Martin, who is currently facing 25 years in a South Carolina prison on drug and gun charges, says he hasn’t spoken to the gay-hating SCOTUS judge or his wife in years, despite Thomas telling C-SPAN in 2007 that they had taken him in when he was just six years old and had spent the last ten years “raising him as a son.”

“For me, in so many ways, it’s rewarding because it’s brought me, again, full circle,” Thomas boasted in the interview. “I was about the age my grandfather was when he took my brother and me. And Mark was about the age my brother and I were when he took us in.”

Now, Martin, who is actually Thomas’ great-nephew, says he was cut off from the Thomas’ immediately after high school. Not only that, but he’s barely spoken to them since, despite making numerous efforts to connect.

“I haven’t really heard much from them in a long time,” he explained. “I tried to communicate with them a couple of times, but I’ve never gotten any response.”

Martin described his privileged childhood to Business Insider, saying the Thomases brought him to more than 20 countries and that he spent his summers at the beach, wakeboarding and waterskiing.

But when the time came for him to go to high school, Clarence and Ginni “just didn’t have time to deal with” him anymore and shipped him off to boarding school.

The couple paid for Martin to attend two exclusive private boarding schools–Hidden Lake Academy in Georgia and Randolph-Macon Academy in Virginia. Or rather, they accepted cash from billionaire GOP mega-donor Harlan Crow to cover the cost of tuition.

“I guess they looked into Randolph-Macon Academy because Harlan Crow actually graduated from there,” Martin said. “So, I guess that was behind their decision to send me there — and then apparently he helped finance the HLA trip, too.”

Thomas never reported Crow’s gift despite the fact that, under the 1978 Ethics in Government Act, Supreme Court justices are required to disclose gifts made to them, their spouses, and their dependents.

Just like he never reported those 38 luxury vacations, 26 private jet rides, and more than a dozen VIP passes to sporting events and stays at premium resorts in Florida and Jamaica that Crow and others gave him.

Martin says the last time he had any communication with the Thomases was several years ago. Ultimately, they stopped speaking to him when he started experimenting with drugs and committing petty crimes.

“I just wish they’d at least communicate with me—get to know my children,” Martin said. “They raised me like another mother and father, so I wanted my children to know who raised me into the person that I became. I want them to be around for that, at least—to see my kids grow up.”

He added, “I actually don’t know if they know that I’m locked up. I’m not sure they’d care too much. I’ve probably seen them two times, maybe three times, over the last 14 years.”

The Thomases treatment of Martin couldn’t be more opposite from the way President Joe Biden and Dr. FLOTUS Jill Biden have supported their son Hunter throughout his addiction struggles, as well as his recent conviction on gun charges.

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