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Cleve Jones v. America’s Historians … Who To Blame For ENDA’s Stall …

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→ The American Historical Association, which dares allow gay members, faces off against boycotters of Doug Manchester’s Hyatt hotel in San Diego, where the AHA is holding its annual conference. Says Cleve Jones: “I am profoundly disappointed that gay historians will be the first LGBT people to violate this boycott. It is a slap in the face of the hard work of the LGBT community in San Diego.”

→ Gene Locke, the opponent of Houston mayoral hopeful Annise Parker, is on the fence about whether he’ll accept the endorsement of a rabid homophobe. Tough call!

→ Andrew Sullivan uses a right-wing bloggers exit from conservatism as a chance to remind everyone why he, too, ditched it.

→ Are the delays in getting ENDA through Congress the fault of a few staff attorneys fussing over details that should’ve been hammered out years ago?

→ Of course that Barney’s homo is going to decorate the White House this Christmas.

→ The future of this revolutionary, but perhaps implausible AIDS vaccine rests not in the hands of corporate donors or the federal government, but a grassroots research team.

→ Those twin gays Jedward (that’s John and Edward) kicked off X-Factor showed up at London’s G-A-Y club to throw down a little Robbie Williams.

→ Dead singer Stephen Gately tops Google UK’s fasting trending searches of the year.

→ Don’t worry: Disney isn’t backing down from its banishment of Adam Lambert. Moving forward, in fact, they’re going to further vet their networks’ live performances. Somehow.

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  • Wonka

    As of today Iwill no longer link my self to the LGBT community,,,enough !

  • AndrewW

    Cleve Jones: Union first, LGBT second.

  • AndrewW

    ENDA is delayed because we don’t have the votes in the Senate. We never did. Claims to the contrary are just intended to raise money or (even worse) raise false hope.

  • Miguel

    Where’d the rest of that march money end up going?

  • Bill Perdue

    True to form, our little gawd cuddling right-winger, AndrewW ignores the fact that large sectors of the GLBT community and many trade unions in California called for a boycott of a catholic bigot Doug Manchester’s Hyatt property in San Diego. http://www.boycottmanchesterhotels.com/

    Stupidly, AndrewW ignores the fact that the trade unions are our best allies in the fight for equality, that they contributed over a million dollars to the fight against the christians prop 8 and additionally sent out millions of mailers opposing it. Unions are the heavy infantry of social change.

    AndrewW’s stupid world view stems from his ‘faith’ that cults are our best allies when the opposite is true. The abrahamic cults, christian, islamist and judaic, are the traditional enemies of GLBT folks. He wants us to fall into column with priestly child rapists from Manchester’s catholic cult, televangelist scum, mullahs and imams who call for our murder, rightwing rabbis and other assorted clerical criminals and deadbeats.

    The GLBT movement, unions and Cleve Jones are right. It was Cleve Jones who led the call that drew over 200,000 in the NEM. I wonder if our little Andy was among the tiny crowd of counter demonstration led by Randall Terry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC65zQeG9-A

    AndrewW is not right, he’s simply stupid. How stupid, you ask. AndrewW imagines that he can get away with christian proselytizing on LGBT blogs. That’s the outer limits of stupidity.

  • Bill Perdue

    No. 5 Fascinating, Miguel. A dissociative identity disorder revealed right here at Queerty. Why don’t you and AndrewW ask the organizers of the march where the money went and then get back to us.

    Even if it proves that you’re stupid in exaxtly the same way AndrewW is.

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