Colton Haynes’ Halloween costume is genuinely mindblowing

When it comes to Halloween, Colton Haynes doesn’t play around.

Exhibit A: His 2014 costume, Princess Fiona:

Exhibit B: His 2015 look, Ursula:

Thx @Megan_v_brown @lauraraczka_mua @Erikporn @bitemaresinc @rbfx @skinillustratorofficial Ready for tonight 🙂

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And Exhibit C: His 2016 costume, Miss Piggy:

Judging by his previous concepts, can you guess his concept for 2017?

A.) Megyn Kelly

B.) Nuclear Holocaust

C.) Betty Boop

D.) Small Wonder

E.) Teen Wolf’s Isaac Lahey

F.) The Grim Reaper

G.) Marge Simpson

H.) The Neverending Story‘s Luck Dragon

The suspense is killing you, isn’t it?

The answer is G.) Marge Simpson.

Excited to host @FreixenetUSA 2nd Annual Black Magic Halloween Affair tonight! #ad #BubsInTheClub #FXCava #CavaWeen

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Until next year, kiddies.